Getting big companies to run onion services

Alec Muffett

Levers for facebook

Genuine name policy

How do we make FB authenticity (give them fb without a hop from the exit node)

Website runs faster User is happier More secure More private Almost free

Internal postings

Round out with 1:1 data collection/conversations

Tool: EOTK:

Enterprise Onion Toolkit

Alec Muffett's role when initiated: Data privacy group

What business/security objections did you run into / what response?

How many people come to fb over Tor: 425-500k/mo => surprise

Exceptionally motivated / non-robots

Went to Community Ops. "Look for this. Pick a sample. Evaluate for evil."

Data driven response. Output <10% evil. Higher/lower than normal? Slightly more than general sample.


Hack code Bi-directional translation

Get powerful people on board Work with spam fighting teams to ensure you're not overrun by spammers when you launch

One-time verification/account

Anticipated objections: did stakeholder and impact analysis How to get PR on board?

Enabling those who already access us via Tor to do it better, faster, more securely Non-political arguments (e.g., NOT about censorship evasion) Less limiting (video, etc.)

Negligible running cost Best alternative for Tor support at FB

If facebook ran relays, fb is trying to deanonymize tor to expose them to the NSA If fb funded tor, it would be perceived as buying tor off FB site on Tor = nothing to object to

Baseline what you need

Problem statement, awareness Usage metrics External good PR case

Frame as experiment

Launch it as we're experimenting: trying to accomplish xxx benefits

De-escalates failure is shame: flaky

R&D team

Have other companies come to you about how do we do this?

Yes, many Tries to help, sometimes works (e.g., propublica)

Need to at least create integration tests to make sure it won't break

Negligible running cost

Contributions to external OS projects might be a legal battle: so modifying and distributing becomes a different thing.

Initially, service will be fragile for unpredictable reasons: constant monitoring (chron jobs) required

Redundancy Have powerful friends on the inside

Do the simplest, vanilla thing and then iterate on it.

Business cases

Libraries Health services Government services Retail

How/how long to come up with

just grabbed a couple of clusters that were being underutilized having matt jones (-type guy) on your side helps: fb engineer, well respected, gravitas/seriousness

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