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Turns out bandwidth authorities might be easier than we expected

Network Team Meeting - Notes - 23rd 2017

1) Offload Nick - Transfer maintainer roles

Rotating triage works well [nickm]

New potential rotating roles:

  • Coverity responses
  • Sit in other teams weekly meeting
  • 15 minutes bug fixes
  • Jenkins response
  • Stable release maintainer (backport decider)
  • Communication Liason (speaker to Josh)
  • Network team monthly report (rapporteur)
  • Explaining to Josh some technical stuff
  • Frontline tech support (#tor, tor-relays@)
  • Reviewer of small things
  • Assigners of Reviews
  • Documentation hax

Not enough focus on non "tor" projects such as BridgeDB and Pluggable Transport. Should we split the those between the core team members?

Make a list of "What's there to work on?"

Do we want a need-revision-group? (for the sitting needs_revision tickets)

Add a tag to a ticket for developer to flag other developer like "dgoulet-look-at-this" ticket.

2) Onboarding

Have our development process written down on the Wiki for new hires and volunteers.

Possible upcoming dev portal

3) Project Management

Have a pad to put our status report in and then report gets easier to build and we can comment on others status.

Make sure to have a ticket for each tasks with points and sponsors.

4) Anti-censorship

We need an obfs4 maintainer.

Re-maintaining some PTs.

Get Isis a BridgeDB buddy. Nick offered to become that buddy but would like a buddy-buddy also. Maybe sysrqb?

Liaison with OONI with Network Team so we know what's going on.

Having PT report feedback to "tor" on its status so we know where PT could be stuck or censored.

5) Bandwidth Authority

See with Donncha and dawuud if the new bw authority code is ready or how close to be ready.

Other possible solution is to revive the current code and port it to proper python newer versions of the Elixir and SQLAlchemy libraries.

teor spoke with Sebastian afterwards, and maybe an interim solution is to merge bugfixes to the existing bandwidth authority code, and update the BandwidthAuthority? troubleshooting wiki page.

6) Trac/Gitlab

Maybe try a week of test with internal tickets on Gitlab (trial)?

Do we have a backoff plan? Migration tool from Trac back to Gitlab.

Setup travis support.