Strategic Planning plenary session: How do we get rid of Tor in 5 years?

Technical Means (Standardization + Getting Tor into the infrastructure)

  • Where is Tor software baked into: applications layer/network layer


  • for the standardization it is imperative to have dedicated people going to every meeting
  • we'd need technical people that are convincing; could be more than one but ideally it would be the same person
  • we'd need to gather stories why it is important (corporate interest; how would it benefit the companies?)
  • we'd need a Poc of how it could work (IoT, security argument)
  • once on the standardization track it's dangerous because we are not solely in control anymore and things could fire back
  • we need a dedicated team of people that can win the standardization fight
  • we'd need to specify what we really want and what Tor is just one solution for


  • redesigning the TCP stack and including tor functionality is dangerous because there is no guarantee that it works correctly
  • telex-style anticensorship technology?
  • securing the internet routing infrastructure (BGP)

Outreach/Training (Informed Discourse/Political Pressure)

  • we'd need political storytelling (different from storytelling on standards track)
  • it's hard as there are not many good stories as many people are anonymous
  • security division showing on TV how Tor is working (like the military)
  • abstract away from Tor when talking about the things we want; more talking about the properties it gives us
  • get Tor into school technology
  • targeting political people/legislators and judges

Misc (New Model of Handling Personal Data)

  • include micropayment possibility into the browser and make it work (Brave model!?)
  • use anonymous credentials to reduce the risk of exposing too much personal information (often it is not needed to keep a profile of a person just to make sure it's THE person and not some imposter)
  • showing that collecting more and more data does not really help in making more and more money (data is not currency)
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