OONI and Tor Metrics

Metrics overview: how we gather, archive, process, provide, and use Tor network data

OONI overview: probes, data pipeline, measurement API, explorer

event database: laws and policies on internet censorship

  • not necessarily a database in the technical sense
  • could be a .csv or .json file
  • adding entries to the database would require a web form with validation
  • contribute metrics timeline events to that, with tags
  • use events by including them on metrics website on relevant graphs

frameworks for visualization, dashboards

  • NextJS: based on React, isomorphic rendering
  • RStudio Shiny
  • Mozilla uses Bitergia Analytics

how to get more user input and suggestions:

  • GitHub issues
  • interactions with organizations
  • team meetings
  • monthly community meetings: HR activists
  • Trello board
  • usability studies
  • outreach at events, universities, conferences
  • priority on deliverables
  • press requests
  • dogfooding tools: creating user requests yourself
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