Onion Service Blue Sky Session

  • Large Scale Deployement

Better deployment tools (third part)

Let's Encrypt .onion support (or make our Let's Onion)

Automatic Onion-Scan-Like setup linter. When you deploy a service, you have an automatic scan.

  • Marketing

Branding: .onion is what's next after "HTTPS" that is more secure.

.onion != DarkWeb

  • Directory System

PIR onion service directory (Private Information Retrieval) PIS onion service directory (Private Information Storage)

Trust based node selection of HSDir

Make onion service scale to millions of addresses.

Make Browser handle custom subdomain such as "", it queries the "asdfasohfosahfd.onion" instead of

  • Applications / Use cases

Onionify the network sensors for monitoring instead of cleartext SNMP.

Make onion services reliable on mobile device that implies stability test, reliability test, and work better on sketchy connections. (Not cycle IPs for instance too much if network goes down)

Torify IoT. All services should be .onion. Period.

  • Defense

Onion service traffic templates against fingerprinting.

Circuit padding?

Service side fault detection, self defense of against attackers we can possibly detect.

  • Improvements

UDP support.

Configurable latency for onion circuits or data transmission.

Onion CDN and anycast support of onions.

Replace intro points with PIS system (like Riposte).

IPv6 onion integration in the DNS address records. That is put the onion address in the IPv6 available bits.

Application level key hierarchy. Allow application to publish extra data in the descriptor like a public key for website/javascript validation using that key so if that key is offline, the server being seized can't serve data that isn't signed.

Onion address self authentication checks in the browser (bind .onion with domain)

  • Name System

Integrate onion addresses with registered domain names. (like in SSL)

Onion address registry that is "facebook.onion" is "haoshfoadhfhaosdhf.onion" like a petname system. Tough one. :)

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