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     1Tor Project (org and community)
     3Have tor support and collaborate with the ecosystem around it (like tails). Just tor as a web browser isn't ambitious enough. Improving how the people working on these use cases and working near the center of tor.
     5We don't provide very easy channels for coalition projects to parner with us. We don't have templates or any formal process for them to work with us. We have a community foundation but with each new project we're building from scratch.
     7One example of success: if I build an application on top of tor I feel like it's an option for tor to be modified to make my job easier. That it's a priority for others to make things better. And failure is that things are set in stone and I just need to work around issues.
     9As a goal we should make it easier for complementary service providers to work with tor as an organization, and at a technology level build on tor as a foundation.
     11Tor use in countries like China, Africa, South America, etc isn't as high as it should be, which makes tor's claim that it's for these areas weak. We should emphasize usage in these places more. We should expand the channels of communication with potential user communities, and better understand our potential user problems. What prevents people from using tor? We should listen with a big ear and small mouth.
     13What do changes in tor, like deciding policies or strategy look line in five years? Are they more formal? More hierartical? If there a concept of holding our values with looser hands? A consenus process? (had a long discussion about consensus single-veto processes and such)
     15TPI is bound by rules that may or may not apply to the community as a whole. To what extent do we want tor to be involved? To a minimal degree? Highly integrated? Right now it's undefined and that makes people unhappy. TPI and community should work together as smoothly as possible (except where needed).
     17We embrace transparency as a value between community and TPI.
     19At this point we tried to focus more on enumerable goals...
     21* To prioritize support of complementary technology through creation of promotion and processes.
     22* To support users in more areas.
     23* Transparency, though we haven't really defined anything more.
     24* Decentralization of the community. That tor establishs or fosters localized communities for the purposes of support, engagement, and gathering feedback.
     25* Better defined relationship between the community and TPI.