Sponsor 4: Directory Bandwidth Reduction

Participants: karsten, n8fr8, ahf.

  • Alex went over the current efforts by the network team: compression scheme negotiation (proposal #278), consensus diff (proposal #140), and the proposals to make consensus diff documents smaller (proposal #274, #275, #276) and the evaluation of compression algorithms[1].
  • We should look into how our changes to compression algorithms, compression algorithm negotiation, and incremental updates ("consdiff") affects metrics. In particular, the network team and the metrics team (most likely Alex/Nick and Karsten) should stay in touch about this. The metrics have a current assumption that says that 10 directory connections per day equals one client, which this work might affect.
  • Will HTTP range requests make sense for directory downloads in countries with limited and/or flaky internet connectivity? It would allow little-t tor to fetch X bytes of a document, loose connectivity, fetch the rest Y bytes once connectivity is back? Too much troubles with file corruption where we have to ditch the file we just fetched or?
  • Are there any client fingerprinting issues related to doing any of this work?
  • Look into document fetch failure reasons in the metrics dataset. This should be possible with stem and collector.
  • Can we make bootstrap of Tor faster for mobile devices - especially for platforms where we cannot have processes running in the background?
  • n8fr8 explained how Facebook was doing the integration between Orbot and the Facebook client on mobile Android and which requirements that would be needed to do a similar thing on iOS: Shared library support.


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