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     1Tor users
     3People who don't know they're using Tor
     4* Tor in the background
     5* Who want to use Tor but can't (ie. no tech understanding)
     6* making Orbot smaller in size to download (no reason to delete to save space, smaller than other browsers to download)
     7* Anti-encryption laws
     8* Who are users who would like to use Tor but don't know about it
     9* Teenagers – make it cool (dark web is already cool) don't really know what darkweb is... just sounds cool
     10* Threat models – principals, teachers, parents
     11* highschool firewalls (using bridges, put on USB stick ie tails)
     12* schools give out USB sticks to students
     13* Public schools in countries where encryption is illegal cannot use/promote not actively enforced, however – lots of people unintentionally breaking laws
     14* people use Google docs because it's so easy, available ready to use
     15* focusing on larger groups who are at risk
     16* mobile browser – on par with desktop, 2 apps, different name
     17* more people uninstall than install Orfox
     18* Global south (ie. digital rights Pakistan)
     19* direct material support for trainings
     20* knowing issues in parts of world where we have less knowledge about
     21* building relationships in local areas
     22* nightly builds to trainers to fix and iterate on usability issues
     23* next Billion users
     24* low bandwidth
     25* not getting stuck in US context (beyond marketing and towards general access)
     26* bridges
     27* SIM card access requiring identification
     28* anonymity set (getting Tor browser in various places)
     29* alignment with communities improving overall network access (mesh networking)
     30* showing people they can use Facebook, twitter, etc with Tor
     31* making the messaging super obvious (formulate questions so they can understand privacy better via context)
     32* Anti-satire, anti-spam laws in Pakistan
     33* Teenagers and their principals/parents
     34* Online harassment
     35* Proper sex education, counseling
     36* Outreach portal messaging
     37* localization of “anonymity”
     38* simple talking points for various groups
     39* “Why is this slow, French and dumb?”
     40* Helping people understand the properties of Tor
     41* updates to Tor Check page
     42* Respecting anonymously generated content
     43* 1-push button (Ricochet)