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     1== Working session to determine whether or not to migrate away from Trac ==
     3We discussed gitlab vs Trac.
     5What are some important Trac features for power users?
     7- Possibility to map Trac tickets to bugwarrior
     9- Possibility to break down tickets into parent issues and sub tickets.
     11What is missing in Trac that is really important?
     13- Code reviews
     15- Continuous integration
     17- It scares potential contributors away
     19Other projects from our community use gitlab successfully:
     21- Micah @ Riseup
     23- The guardian project
     25- F-droid
     27This also means other projects have migrated away from another bug
     28manager to gitlab, in fact there are importers.
     30It is possible to "hard-code" the issue id. This way we can have
     31persistent issue numbers between trac and gitlab.
     33When working on gitlab some aspect of the work flow will have to change.
     34Some ticket fields will have to be mapped to tags. The project flow is
     35more flat on gitlab.
     37There are code reviewer assigned to a Merge Request. Also Merge Requests
     38and Issues are two different things. If a Merge Request has WIP in the
     39title it cannot be merged, this could be a way to have sub issues in a
     40Merge review.
     42It is possible on gitlab to have search and custom reports of issues
     43across different projects.