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Vegas Teams: what they do, what they don't do

Notes from the session "Roger explaining Vegas teams", Sat 3/25, 3:30pm-16:30

Brief history of vegas teams. Mike and Roger locked up in a room and thought about team structure.

More or less a person per product + "org team"+ press team

Later: UX team, Community team.

Project manager also member of Vegas teams (Isa)

Problem at the beginning was, that Vegas teams are kind of "managers" without wanted to be "managers" bc this has negative associatiosn.

Historically these were called "advocates", but it was kind of tricky.

Originally the job of vegas teams was to coordinate needs/requirements between different teams.

Shari wanted have it more: "Team A tells team B what they need". (in contrast to "Team A did X"-style report backs)

Current structure: Weekly IRC meeting. More an "operations meeting".

Small excursus: how funding within Tor works and how the tasks are assigned to the right people.

Request from group to have regular 1:1 with at least team leads

Plus have regular coordination meeting.