ZCash and Tor


Zcash is recommending users to use Tor. Zcash could be used for payments to nodes providing tor services, e.g. relay nodes. Similar challenges when communicating with mainstream community. People are not using Zcash in the intended completely private way. Perhaps a similar thing is happening in Tor. - People not using Tor services as much as just going in and out through Tor.

What do you gain if Zcash client is running on Onion service?

The exit learns data.

Interested in having people already accepting donations, accept Zec.

Would be nice to donate in a way that donation splits automatically to different subparties.

Do people donating in cryptocurrency want tax benefits from it?

Perhaps have donation/tax section in Zcash forum discussing these.

tails has preconfigured profiles for example, for a bitcoin client.

One-click pay can encourage small payments/donations.

Perhaps Zcash could donate to Tor infrastructure.

Running a router may be a good way to contribute to Tor.

In early days bitcoin mainly used for donations. Maybe nonprofits a good option for current zec holders.

Perhaps donate to randomly chosen router from those that published zec address.

Service for bitcoin oniontip.

Paying based on advertised bandwidth could be bad.

Paying by traffic could make routers create false traffic.

Router uptime hard to spoof?

T-shirt compain where get t-shirt after 60 days of running node. Shut down because there was no developer to take care of it.

Don't want to people to do it just for reward and that shut down node.

Donate to random node from those you used in last 30 days? Perhaps privacy problem maintaining that data.

Zcash governance currently simpler than bitcoin if changes needed.

Company founded foundation (but not controled by company) will guide development

Bitpay turned away customers after a while - is being related to Tor a red flag? allows you to cash out fiat, perhaps more lenient than bitpay

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