Top TL;DR of the discussion was the following...

Our current blog is going away so we need to figure out what's next. The new blog may or may not support the blog comment system we have now but regardless a forum would be a less-hacky medium for the correspondance it concerns.

A forum would go hand-in-hand with the support portal presently under development. The support portal would provide a linkable FAQ of common questions, and forum posts could feed into new questions there.

Characteristics we want to carry over from the blog are...

  • low barrier to participation
  • anonymity (when you first visit the site you can post moderated comments as an anonymous user, or create an account if you want a persistent identity)
  • ability to talk with real tor develoers
  • we moderate posts, and in doing so keep discussions on track

If successful this forum could replace both the blog comments and tor-talk@ (if no other core tor folks care to volunteer to keep it around).

Person that does a task should ultimately have the say over how it's done. In this case Sukhbir and a couple others to the work of supporing the blog comment community, so they should get to choose if and which blog software will suit their needs. Sukhbir plans to lead a tor-project@ thread to discuss this.


Longer meeting notes are as follows...

  • tor-talk@ seems to be doing reasonably ok. We might want to consider setting up a forum or something else more scalable to large group discussions.
  • Wasn't the plan to phase out tor-talk@ and phase in a tor-users@? Even then though a list with ten thousand people that aren't familiar with stuff may be... problematic.
  • What happened to stack exchange? Answer: content on it is three years old, question were often asked poorly and answers often wrong.
  • For a forum to happen we need: secure forum software, a critical mass of tor people willing to participate, and assurance they will continue to participate.
  • Support portal is planning to answer the top twelve or so common questions. Not sure if it's gonna cover a 'write your question here to have it answered'.
  • We need two plans here: (1) what are we gonna do in the underfunded, not finanically supported situation and (2) what's our plan if it's funded with paid people handling it?
  • Is our goal a user support situation or community discussion platform? How are we defining community in this discussion? The people in this room? The hundred thousand people one layer up helping to make tor better?
  • If we don't run our own forum we should know that people will go to the main things like reddit and so on. And we should also recognize that they may go there anyway so maybe we should go there and be active... so no point in hosting it ourselves?
  • One advantage to the blog comment situation is that we moderate them, so we can shape the discussions in a constructive way. There are a community of people that interact with us via the blog comments.
  • Blog characteristics we want to keep: low barrier to participation, anonymity, talking with real tor develoers, and we control the communication.
  • We could keep the blog comments as the main communication channel, and introduce a once a week 'talk about whatever you'd like to talk about' blog post.
  • We could direct more people there via a tweet (which usually go to reddit) and a website note.
  • Support team needs to close the communication loop with the blog comments.
  • Having something exist but not be supported (like tor-talk@ or #tor-talk) is worse than it not existing at all.
  • tor-users@ list seems to not be necessary. If we have people that want to support email lists in the future we can revisit this.
  • We should go to Sylvia with list of things we need, such an a 'approve all moderated comments' button.
  • Forum may be worth exploring as a replacement for the blog-comment community. By default when users visit the site they should be logged in as an anonymous user that can post with moderation (ie. no need to create an account if you don't want to).
  • #tor is a problem right now. Two communities are fighting over it and we should either shut it down or double down on fixing it.
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