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     1'''How to give developers the means to make smallish UX-impacting decisions themselves?'''
     3There are well-known ways to integrate UX and design processes into product development. Great :)
     5But they are not always applicable in the context I work in: our project constantly makes tiny, incremental changes, that can have a UX impact. But asking UX/designers' input twice a week is not always doable, and maybe not always the best use of everyone's time:
     7 * UX/design resources are often scarce, so developers need to be careful when requesting them;
     8 * developers' time is often scarce too, and sharing with UX/design people all the info they need to provide valuable input takes a lot of time.
     10So I'm under the impression that developers who care about UX (count me in!) need means to:
     121. identify when they *can* make a UX-impacting decision by themselves, vs. when they really should ask UX/design experts;
     142. when they conclude they can reasonably make the decision themselves: make a *good enough* one.
     16Let's share our experiences. What works? What doesn't?
     18What can we do to improve this?
     20What is required from developers to be up to it? (e.g. what should be on their "must read" list?)