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A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests in or near Amsterdam, to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines, and other important matters.

Participant Guidelines:

Week at a glance

  • Wed, 22 Mar: Invitees arrive; group heavy hors d'oeuvres/mingling in the evening
  • Thu, 23 Mar: Plenary session for strategic planning; discussion on how we want Tor to grow and what resources we’ll need to get there
  • Fri, 24 Mar: Split into teams and meet; work on mapping and other issues
  • Sat, 25 Mar: Structured agenda with specific tracks; new people are invited to join this part of the meeting
  • Sun, 26 Mar: Hack day
  • Mon, 27 Mar: Everyone heads home or hangs around for more hacking




The airport code for flight booking is 'AMS'. Watch-out for any taxi scams at the airport. Shouldn't be more than 50 euro to the city center. (But who would take a taxi from the airport, when there are such great trains for 5 euros?)

But there are also trains for many nearby countries.


coming soon


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

(Remember, March 23rd through March 25th are invitation only.)

Person Attending Arriving Departing Mark this column if you want a room in the hotel block Tshirt Size and fit (classic or slim)
Yawning N N/A N/A N/A N/A
Georg Y ??? ??? ??? L
intrigeri Y ??? ??? ??? S slim
Philipp Winter N
dgoulet Y ??? ??? ??? M
DrWhax Y ??? ??? N M
Shari Y ??? ??? Y
sajolida Y ??? ??? ???
Linus Y Y
Tom Ritter Prob 22nd 1PM 27th Prob M
anonym Y ??? ??? ??? M
mo Y 22nd 27th Y M classic
boklm Y ??? ??? ??? L
linda Y ? ? Y M slim
george Y ? ? N XL classic


If you plan on attending the "meet and greet" dinner on Wednesday, March 22nd, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending
Roger Y
Georg Y
intrigeri Y
dgoulet Y
DrWhax Y
Shari Y
Linus Y
Tom Ritter Prob
anonym Y
mo Y
boklm Y
linda Y
george Y

Coordination mailing list

Subscribe to the tor-meeting mailing list to keep informed about plans.

Outcomes and Session ideas

Put your ideas for outcomes and sessions here:


Session Notes

Nearby (temporally and physically) conferences

These aren't officially related to our meeting, but you might want to know about them anyway!

Local Medical Resources

Emergency number: 112 (non-emergency cop contact: 0900-8844

AMC Hospital number: 020 - 566 9111 (emergency number: 020 - 566 2222) Address: Meibergdreef 9 1105 AZ Amsterdam

Interesting local stuff


Craft Beer

David, this is where you point out that Holland is so very close to Belgium.

[dgoulet] Yes, it's true but lets try local stuff from the Netherlands! :)

  • Craft & Draft: Overtoom 417, 1054 JR Amsterdam, Netherlands. (~40 taps)
  • Brouwerij ‘t IJ: Funenkade 7, 1018 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Brewery)
  • BeerTemple: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 250, 1012 RR Amsterdam, Netherlands. (~35 taps)
  • Butcher's Tears: Karperweg 45, 1075 LB Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Super local brewery!)
  • Jopenkerk: Emrikweg 19, 2031 BT Haarlem (20 minute train ride away (In a former church and local brewery!)