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     1Notes from the session (with help from Juliana): Tor meetup at 04 Oct/17
     3* In Argentina there is the case of hackan (@HacKanCuba) who ran an exit
     4  relay in his home and two years ago he was raided and his equipment
     5  confiscated. Today he has been dismissed and the case closed, but
     6  justice doesn't recognize his status as an intermediary, without
     7  responsibility for the traffic on its exit IP. However, as his lawyer
     8  has concluded, in Argentina there are less problems associated with your
     9  ip traffic if you are a person than if you are a company or an
     10  organization.
     12* ekoparty presentation talk (description in multiple languages) about: [ | TOR Exit Nodes en la justicia Argentina]
     14* The case is different from Brazil, for example, where police can't
     15  enter to a university, so an exit can be run there without such risks.
     17* hackan has a proposal now that he is interested on run a relay again,
     18  in a collective space. The idea is to make sealed Raspberry Pi boxes,
     19  with all the information about the ip, the exit relay and the [non]
     20  responsibility as an intermediary of the owner. Something similar to the
     21 and within the information refer to a web page supported
     22  by Tor, where one can find more public information about tor relays in
     23  Latin America.
     25* would like to host a Tor relay but it misses the community and are
     26  afraid of the expenses and the legal consequences.
     28* The CJIP organization in Brazil could help with possible legal issues related
     29  to the operation of Tor relays
     31In addition, I think it is interesting to collect the questions people
     32has about how Tor works and the information one can get about the
     33project and the network:
     35* Is it possible to choose the exit relay? Where to exit?
     36* What kind of information about a Tor relay operator is public? why?