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    1818pastly should be a part of this as he has started running a bouncer and 1+ Tor person is using it. Can/should it be hosted on Tor infrastructure? What's expected of him? Should it be scrapped for something better? He has questions like that.
    20 == Security controls workshop (UX team and TBB team invited) ==
     20== User testing pipeline workshop (Global south, trainers, and activists, please come!) ==
    2222Led by Linda Lee (and Isabela Bagueros in spirit).
    24 Tor has awesome security features, but they are hard to use. It's hard to adjust the security slider settings while browsing, since that's hidden under layers of menus. There isn't a good way to allow a website to be make exceptions for websites for the session or persistently. The NoScript allows users to make media click to play in higher security settings, but that's not so intuitive on first glance, either.
    26 What we want eventually is to have a security controls accessible to users, and for all those controls to be organized in a way that makes sense. The UX team and the Tor Browser team have started discussing this problem, and would like to brainstorm solutions with all of you.
     24The purpose of this workshop is to start dialogue with people who interact with everyday users, especially users not in North America/Europe. The UX team wants to systematically and regularly get user feedback to improve Tor Browser. But we need  trainers and organizational allies to help us.  Linda will share her vision about how user testing can be made feasible, and open the discussion to talk about what to test, how often to test, where to test, etc.