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    11community team meeting
     3* Thank you for agreeing to have the meeting in English!
     4*  Introductions:
     5        * Alison is community team lead, working on support faq / portal. Outreach in non-fvey countries.
     6        * Outreach in majority world is on the plan for the next 6 months, essential for Tor. Also relay operator support.
     8        * Colin works on translation and support, took over GSoC admin from damian. Wants to work on getting the support portal in a more user friendly form.
     10        * Linus is just getting involved with the team, and is active in the Tor relay community.
     12        * Kat has been managing requests for T-Shirts and Swag from relay operators. She intends to keep doing this over the next 6 months, and would like to figure out how else to assist.
     14        * Maria works with OONI, is looking for collaboration opportinues with the community team
     16        * Sukhe is giving talks in Canada and India. Just gave 4 talks in India. Wants to do more outreach in countries like India with large demand but no supply. Also wants to discuss global south.
     18        * Israel is working on Tor in latin America.
     20        * Vasilis works with OONI and Tor. Building connections with people in Latin America. Travelling to different cities in Brazil. Hosts OONI workshops. Participated in this years crypto rave. Has been to a number of Tor meetups. Working on getting more Tor relays in the global south.
     22        * Gus is an organizer of cryptogave. Does security workshops since 2007, Tor since 2013. Hosts cryptoparties in San Paolo. Organizing the next CryptoRave. Hosts Tor relay in Brazil.
     24        * Leonid is OONI developer. Brought some focus to the Dimitri case. (Working to give Russian police a CryptoParty)
     26        * Roger was the one Tor person. Does a bunch of outreach, lives on multiple teams, tries to keep everything connected. In the next few months, we should focus on operators / network health, also scheduling outreach activities.
     28        * Steph is our communications director. Helping to promote events, coordinate speaker training, wants to help streamline process for finding people to talk and preparing them. Having materials ready, present a unified brand.
     30* Who do we target when doing outreach?
     31* Tor and Cryptorave (Future partnership?)
     32* Outreach training / speakers session
     33* Redefine community team "Helping people help Tor"
     34* Find Tor volunteers who are able to contribute. Assist the people who want to help Tor become better.
     35* Sukhe coordinated with SFLC and it was badly organized. One day before the talk, was informed where the talk would be. Didnt know audience ahead of time. This needs proper organization.
     36*  Find more organizations in countries where we want to do outreach.
     37        *  Lots of demand in India for Tor, lots of people use Tor.
     38        * Wants to give more talks, wants to clarify funding.
     39        *  Whats the plan 6 months from now, for trainer expectations?
     40* We can find different / more funders for outreach than technical work
     41* Speakers b. group who wants to give talks about Tor / get feedback on speaking skills / getting practice speaking
     42        * Speakers can give talks in majority world
     43        * If you are interested in joining, let Alison or Steph know
     44* Website needs to be translated
     45* Many organizations doing the "defend digital rights" mission and promoting Tor. They need funding / resources. These organizations are understaffed.
     46        * Reach out to big funder like SIDA/Knight to fund partner orgs and develop a curriculum for outreach.
     47        * Help parter raise money on case-by-case basis (OTF, etc..)
     48        * Coordinator role for getting these partners resources / money / whatever they need
     49        * Build communities in regions without Tor people (Non-majority world)
     50        * Alison to work on identifying funding sources with Tommy
     51        * Who / where do we target?
     52        * Priorities places with some good people on the ground
     53        * Have more Tor people who can do these things (start communities, talk in non-majority regions, etc..)
     54        * Some partners will not be happy to take funding from US sources
     55        * How do we meet these people and build trust with them? ^
     56        * More presence in local conferences and meetups
     57        * Maybe send groups of Tor people to events (like CryptoRave)
     59* How do we build trust in members of the Tor community who are not part of "core Tor teams"
     60* How do we "create" more Tor people
     61        * Tor meetups are useful (potentially more useful than just a talk)
     62        * People are more comfortable talking to Tor people during meetups / CryptoParties vs talks that are slotted (DEFCON, CCC, BSides, etc..)
     63* Look for Linux user groups, or other types of F/OSS user groups to present Tor to.
     64* Work with local communities
     65* gpg map, Tor could do something similar
     66* Support portal will eventually live at, be searchable, be user friendly, can easily get to things and will be translated
     67        * Waiting on funding
     68        * Working on content
     69        * Some questions can be reimagined
     70        * Needs to be translated
     71        * Put something on support.tpo and iterate so we can enable translations
     72* OONI uses slack to grow community
     73        * Slack has an IRC bridge / interface
     74* Mattermost could be an option
     75        * IRC is prohibitive           
     77(more notes)
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