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community team meeting

community team sesssions at this meeting

  • /var/relays
  • tor training curriculum
  • providing support
  • tor outside of five eyes

relay operator support

  • people have been targeted
  • what is up with
  • what can we do to reassure people?
  • legal resources?

outreach strategy

  • helping people help Tor
  • vasilis, ilv, gus -- latam, sukhbir -- india
  • vasilis -- took him 6 months to convince his university to run exit relays
  • leonid -- cryptoparty for russian police!
  • majority world
  • Tor meeting majority world
  • who do we want to target?

..* police ..* people in govt ..* allied organizations ..* youth ..* art projects

  • cryptorave
  • speakers bureau
  • tor board
  • schedules of upcoming outreach things


  • imls funding
  • tor grants

training materials

  • fact sheet/talking points
  • using metrics?
  • should we have a training materials sprint?

goals: plan to go to Cryptorave, more GS people in the speakers bureau, find more people in countries where we want to do outreach do we have funding for global south outreach? can't parachute into a country and give a talk, need to establish trust

  • need an entry point for people to get involved
  • main constraints for organizations in these countries is funding and resources
  • longer term collaborative project funded by a bigger organization
  • prioritize the places that already have some good people on the ground

two short term goals -- building people inside Tor who are good at doing it, growing groups in whereever we are talking about who will take it and run with it

  • need to do more talks, need to have people who are local
  • what do we mean by Tor people? decentralization, privacy
  • tor meetups are quite useful -- look for local meetups, local conferences
  • map of tor community members in each city

more team members team meeting time -- send a message about possibly rescheduling, and where the meetings will be held

support portal

  • translations
  • more user friendly
  • direct user support

goals: get it onto, get things translated now

  • how can we run different channels for people who speak non-English languages?

code of conduct


  • what about getting people to upload video to China safely? video from community and comms teams

retrospective!! roadmap!!!