Guard Discovery Brainstorm

Hide the signal

  • Fix the bug where excessive hidden service circuit traffic kills circuits (but still counts against the bandwidth) [Which bug is this?? Is it #22728 or something else?]
  • Update relay bandwidth statistics every 24 hours (same period as descriptor bandwidths)
  • Add noise to the bandwidth stats
  • Avoid per-relay bandwidth stats (just have total network bandwidth stats via PrivCount or similar)
  • Subtract client data from guard totals (rather than adding it) - this spreads the client bandwidth across all the middles
  • Drop stats and graphs entirely

Limit the signal

  • Relays restrict each single OR connection to a fraction of their (total available, total used) bandwidth
  • Clients set a default BandwidthRate (all clients? not single onion services?)
    • Larger clients use single onion services or onion balance
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