Things we should do:

  • Nick: roadmaps tend to be self-contained to the specific team. we should integrate "who else is involved and what other teams are affected" into the roadmapping.
  • Julius: let's have a meeting to only discuss interdependencies (i.e. how the vegas team meeting is supposed to run, rather than how it is supposed to run now). Let's keep it short and focused on that though.
  • Isa: consider leveraging ticket keywords on trac to organize things "horizontally" across teams and etc. on top of bucketing things into components.
  • Julius: very very low noise channel that pushes important updates to all of tor.
  • Mark: advertise the UX team's ticket triage and ux team meeting model.

Conversation highlights:

  • Nick: doesn't think he's neglecting people, but other teams feel neglected.
  • Mark: We should handle dependencies between teams better. The browser team does not know how to handle all the dependencies.
  • Damian: Doesn't have any communications because he's not explicitly on a team. I want a tor-weekly news like thing. Vegas leads summaries are not summaries of what the teams have done, but what that specific person has done.
  • Isa: we're trying to build a newsletter, and each team does do the monthly summaries. Not saying it's going to solve everything, but it is happening and should help somewhat.
  • Linda: vegas summaries, monthly summaries, and etc. are all good for summarizing what has happened, but I have trouble coordinating for the future--I wish I knew the different teams' roadmaps so that I can plan accordingly.
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