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    1 Metrics Timeline Notes
    2 Date: 2017-10-12
    3 Facilitator: David Fifield
    4 Session wiki: <>
    5 Tables with event timelines online at <>
    7 - David shows graphs of connections from Iran
    8   - Directly-connecting users shows a couple of significant drops
    9   - Data comes from directory mirrors
    10   - Adding graph of bridge users indicates users switched to using bridges
    11   - Adding bridge of bridge users by pluggable transport shows that some specific transports were blocked but others were not
    12   - Compared to global users, which shows universal drop in obfs3 users, which leads one to realize that the drop was a statistics anomaly caused by the time between the Bridge Authority Tonga went offline and Bifröst came online
    14 - David shows list of events he has been compiling that collectively can help explain patterns and features of metrics graphs
    16 - David shows monster list of per-country Tor users from 2011 to present
    17   - Each graph shows a noticeable increase in users in 2013, which we know is due to a botnet using Tor but which is frequently misinterprited
    19 - Options for group
    20   1. Look for interesting patterns in per-country user counts
    21   2. Search the Internet for events that can explain interesting changes in Tor statistics
    22   3. Research the entries in the "Unknown" category to find any possible explanations.
    24 - Example of ideal metrics annotation, spike in users from Bangladesh (due to block of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber)
    26 - News timeline data already put on metrics website <>
    28 - No current plan for ongoing updating and maintaining event data related to metrics
    30 - OONI has a similar need of real-world explanations for its measurements
    32 - Analytics packages exist with timeline annotations?
    34 - Group proceeds to identify interesting features of graphs of per-country user numbers 2011-present.
    35 - Things that might be useful to keep in mind when explaining graph features
    36   - Change in GeoIP database
    37   - Change in the way that Directory Authorities or Bridge Authorities work
    38   - Smaller countries have fewer users, and so changes are less likely to be related to any Tor or censorship event, and moreover it is probably harder to find data about events an that country due to less coverage
    39   - Tor Browser and Orbot releases, which sometimes contain new default bridges
    41 - Interesting methods of analysis
    42   - Anomaly detector (e.g. from Joss Wright)
    43   - Joint analysis of relay and bridge users
    44   - Use Google Trends to search for popularity of Tor-related search terms over time broken down by country
    46 - Discussion of how to get reports explaining metrics observations
    47   - Everybody is invited to contribute to the wiki at <>. These events will ideally be overlaid/annotating Tor Metrics graphs. The input would ideally be machine readable to allow this annotation to be done automatically. Perhaps this would be better done as a form for users.
    48   - Present an anomaly to affected users and ask them to give suggestions for explanations. Can operate through existing network of people partnering with OONI.
    49   - Infolabe anomalies mailing list does send anomalies to subscribed users.
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