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     1Network Diversity with Tor
     4Date: 12/10 2017.
     5Host: George
     7## Introduction with George
     9George talks about the changes that have happened over the last couple of
     10years. Less user groups, docker, less focus on the actual OS layer as an
     13The "devops community" don't need to know about low-level OS concepts.
     15The growth in the BSD community comes from different companies like
     16Netflix, Juniper, and other companies that publishes articles on
     17FreeBSD. A lot of organizations are getting "OS ignorant".
     19Another issue is "AS network diversity".
     21It's hard to find big groups that runs big relays on, for example,
     24A lot of porting is going to happen with porting snowflake, meek, etc.
     25to the BSD's.
     27Once the tools are there it moves over to being focus over to advocacy.
     29Going to the foundations: FreeBSD, NetBSD. Mozilla hosting relays was a
     30great reason for FreeBSD foundation.
     32Facebook came out of the blue with an onion - might be that a big org
     33like Netflix starts running relays.
     35The "running an exit relay" situation is still hard.
     37Could be a help?
     39Work is being on porting Tor Browser to FreeBSD. It would be useful to
     40get more blog posts on the BSD work.
     42Action items for before next meeting
     45    - Blog posts on - to show Tor endorses the BSD
     46      diversity project.
     48    - Documenting using Jails on FreeBSD to run Tor in non-OS, isolated,
     49      jails.
     51    - Tor presence at more BSD events world wide.
     53    - Onion's for their package system (like Debian) and running relays if
     54      possible.
     56    - Core Tor should have official stable BSD builders.