Retrospective on what we said we would do during the Amsterdam meeting (march 2017)

rotating roles

  • triage useful / coverity
  • hackerone needs people too
  • suggestion: try to do trivial tickets yourself instead of opening thousands tickets

onboarding docs/process

  • not much progress here
  • netwokr team wiki page is useful! same for HACKING dir in tor.git

more anti censorship people

  • not much progress here. we need people.
  • suggestion: perhaps separate vegas team for anticensorship?

needs more bwauth love

  • current project (torflow) sucks: uses old libraries, can't use new libraries because API changed
  • several aborted attempts to start a new project
  • better & more advanced research designs: peerflow
  • new graphs in consensnus health displaying how many relays each bw auth is responsible for (?)
  • need testing environment!!!
  • longclaw has issues with bw auth: it fills disk
  • suggestion: do some work to upgrade the current code to the latest library versions, and bugfixes
  • suggestion: take a look at the david/donncha code and see what's going on
  • suggestion: put this project on the roadmap

trac / gitlab migration

  • we are now using gitlab for code reviews
  • qbi disabled new accounts on trac ( we were getting 500 new accounts per hour )
    • remark by qbi: They were disabled for a short period of time. Right now people can register, but have to solve a captcha. This keeps away spammers and several people are able to register (I hope this is true for any non-spammer.)
  • reach out to other teams so that they also migrate to gitlab (?)
  • problem: javascript is mandatory for gitlab (!) but maybe also for the latest trac (?)
  • seems to be quite hard to migrate from trac based on behavioral analysis
  • how does gitlab work at scale?
  • suggestion: use gitlab just for private/secret/security tickets for now? bad. too much stress.
  • ticket nr conflicts between gitlab/trac?
  • suggestion: assign a new gitlab namespace for ticket numbrs? (all gitlab ticket start with #999xxx so that they dont conflict with trac)
  • what are the benefits of gitlab anyway? do we really want to do that?
  • we need a staging environment for gitlab, because oniongit has already too much of our data (code reviews)
  • suggestion: use gitlab for a specific restricted area of things just for testing over time
  • suggestion: ask hiro how much time it will take her to migrate trac to gitlab
  • revisit this during the roadmap stage
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