Recap of yesterday‘s session: Useful metrics for Tor Browser

  • information of which transports work in which countries: let users pick a country and then provide transports that likely work
  • automated reachability tests of hard-coded default bridges
  • OnionPerf vs. OONI throughput test

Add new graphs to Tor Metrics: vanilla Tor

  • OONI could add a daily task that produces a CSV file with number of measurements by country and day that worked or timed out; fields may include:

◦ date ◦ country ◦ number of networks as a confidence metric ◦ successes ◦ unknowns (timeouts, failures, other issues)

  • Plus a non-aggregated version including

◦ time to bootstrap ◦ ooni report ID

Add another graph to Tor Metrics: Bridge reachability test

  • basic connectivity test, not Tor connection
  • challenge: default bridges might go down for days

How can OONI make better use of Tor Metrics data

  • Look at reported user numbers by single relay/bridge
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