Tor PrivCount meeting Date: 10AM-11AM, 2017-10-14


  • Summarize current status of PrivCount (e.g. proposals)
  • Develop list of things to do to get PrivCount into Tor (especially next 6 months)
  • Who/When/Money

Current status of Tor statistics and PrivCount

  • Current Tor statistics have ad hoc privacy methodology
    • Different noise methods and collection periods
      • Binning (i.e. rounding) used to provide some privacy
      • Most statistics are every 24 hours, bandwidth statistics every 4 hours
      • Some onion-service statistics have differential privacy
    • No aggregation currently, all per-relay statistics
  • Current Tor methodology is unsafe
    • Bandwidth statistics enable guard discovery attacks
  • PrivCount can be used to improve safety of Tor statistics
    • Provides aggregation across relays and over time
    • Provides differential privacy
  • Exists a proposal (#280) for integrating Tor into PrivCount
    • Just provides basic aggregation functionality
    • No specific statistics
    • A set of functions for noise, blinding, and value encryption has been implemented in Tor (not yet been merged)


  • Network team will spend time getting proposals in place
    • Prop. 280 rewrite
    • Noise proposal
    • Versioning proposal
    • Robustness (i.e. protection from outliers)
  • Major implementation work should happen February to August
    • Tim Wilson-Brown will be helping
    • Nick Mathewson is interested in helping
    • Tayler may help, especially if there is an overlap with Bandwidth Authority work
  • Sponsor Q (NSF) can support work, expires August 2018
  • Metrics team has reserved slot to work on PrivCount integration
    • Will rely on basic infrastructure being put into place
    • L(arge) task reserved for PrivCount work in next 12 months
    • iwakeh should be helping
  • PrivCount is on roadmap for both Metrics and Network teams, and Funding team will thus be looking for funding for it

Plan for integrating PrivCount

  • Who will run the Tally Reporters
    • Probably not Directory Authorities (they are overloaded)
    • Goal could be for security level similar to Directory Authorities
  • Working with Tor Metrics team
    • Noise affects how metrics should be interpreted
    • Versioning affects what statistics are available
    • Robustness can affect what statistics succeeded and thus are available
    • Deployment probably involves Metrics team
    • Metrics should go through statistics to consider which ones can/should be transitioned to PrivCount
      • Consider how noise will affect accuracy of results
      • Consider how lack of robustness might affect DoS of results
      • Consider which new statistics might now be possible to report safely
  • Implementation challenges
    • Floating point issues ("On the significance of the least-significant bits" paper, snapping/rounding solution)
      • Perhaps use assumptions about integrality of value to simplify sampling properly from desired distribution
    • Testing methodology
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