# tor relays

## problems

  • number of relays on the decline (& lack of diversity)
  • interesting locations and ASses have less and less relays
  • continuing centralization
  • diversity - how to support many different individuals that are not necessarily connected (and should not be)

## three problem areas

  • political image of tor "corporation"
  • unclear legal status
    • even lawyers don't know whether it is legal to use tor in Brazil?!
  • (outdated) technical documentation

## direction of torproject inc.

  • relay operators lack support by tor/tor company?
    • for years the tshirt/stickers didn't work, lack of replies, etc.
  • important to talk about torproject's direction
  • tor/debian community unhappy with how the dmitry case was (not) handled/supported well
    • (general) blog post around that time?
    • support letter?
  • relay operator in argentina didn't know who/how to contact people for support
  • talk to board about some cases where support was lacking

## documentation

  • technical documentation outdated and lacking
    • support portal is online soon with tech info on (currently in the wiki)
    • local language documentation!
  • website not currently on transifex; community actually quite good there, it is working
    • thinking for the past years: we need to wait for the website redesign, but maybe we should no longer wait for the it

## numbers

  • 177 million people living in central america
  • 43 million in the Caribbean
  • exit relays: 12 (3 brazil, 6 panama, 1 chile, 1 dominican republic, 1 costa rica)
  • do we need better statistics? user numbers also interesting. psiphon doing so much better for example.
  • tor relay sprint workshops before/after tor meetings?
    • funding for these workshops?
    • already happening
  • follow up opportunities necessary: regional mailing lists in local language; how to provide help/grow local communities

## legal fund

  • has money to support legal cases internationally, so "all it needs is a big campaign" but we lack the capacity to staff a legal@ email address
    • connections to lawyers and support organizations exist

## funding for relay operators?

  • negative implications -> "some get invited, some not" "some get hardware funded, some not"?
  • in a position to provide seed funding to groups, but how can we announce that adequately without being overrun or making it even worse for all those that don't "want" that
  • can we come up with fair and transparent ways to support?

## torservers summit

  • international meeting, 50-100 people
  • should be easy to get funding for that, but we lack the person who takes this on and actually organizes the meeting
  • add it directly to the tor meeting before/after?
  • talk to tommy to apply for the money
  • can the tor grantwriter help third-party proposals? is there some time slot dedicated to that?

## support local user groups, engagement

  • world map of user groups
  • allow people who go to many events to easily request big sticker packs and info material
  • _invite some relay operators to dev meetings (sign up for a pool for invites? ticket lottery? short application forms?)_
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