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     1# Tor in China
     3Current situation: if you have a pluggable transport working in China, Tor will work.  What is the latency in that respect?
     5OONI has better data on what is working in China and what isn't.
     7Lantern's Github forum.
     9Do we know how the GFW works now?
     122. Psiphon & Lantern have their own data points because of their funding base
     14Learning more about domestic Chinese developers and users - e.g. Shadowsocks.
     16We should strive not to have a patronizing attitude.  How do we help those that are working within China in their own efforts to circumvent censorship.
     18There are a lot of hackers going to mainland China for hardware production, we chould build links there.
     20More relays and bridges in Asia, for performance purposes in general.  OONI as a network measurement app that could be used in China under the name of a network testing tool.
     22More funding for domain fronting.
     24Better communication of mirrors to those who need it.
     26## Broad Level
     28There's the human aspect: how to do better outreach and communication.  There's also the technical aspect: getting more stats from OONI, mirror reliability, etc.
     32## Summary
     34We had a relatively open-ended discussion on Tor within mainland China.  How do we increase our accessability within China?  We started by acknowledging that we simply need more data - from OONI, as well as user stories from actual Chinese users and keeping lines of dialogue open.  On the broad level, we acknowleged we have two aspects: the human aspect, which encompasses how to do better outreach, communication, and translation.  And theres the technical aspect: how do we do censorship circumvention better, mirror reliability, etc.