This session was about building a strong community base in the south of the Ecuadorian line or the global south or 'outside of the five eyes' or 'not US'  (as you can see one of the things is to have a good name to define this initiative).

  1. We discussed mainly strategies for LATAM but any of this can be applied to other regions, we just didn't had folks from other regions there.
  1. Right now Derechos Digitales has a grant to get more tor relays in LATAM by providing financial support to:
  • create documentation on how to set up a relay
  • per country tips on bandwidth, legal resources, community contacts
  • pay for hardware if there is need/opportunity
  • travel to events (to speak, do workshops, meet ups)

We decided that we should do this by building a strong base in the countries. With that in mind we started brainstorming how to achieve this goal:

Have ilv, ggus and anadahz be our main team driving the presence on these events (if they don't have a person locally that can go, organize themselves to be there, meet with local people who can start to become our 'tor person' in that country etc).

Make Primavera Hacker event in Chile in December our pilot to test our workshop/outreach strategy (travel to events outreach work). ilv, ggus and anadahz will be there and work on mobilizing people to participate at their presentation.

To do items for the pilot above:

  • identify documentation that needs to be translated to Spanish
  • research on hosting in Chile, possible partners on hosting relays, legal support etc
  • invite current relay operators in the country to come
  • invite operators of relays that are not running anymore to see if they will get interest again
  • invite local contacts (people ilv, dtb and guido know)

After this event the next one will be Latino Ware (??) or Crypto Rave (April or May) in Brazil.

To keep track of this effort and opportunities we will:

a) Create a table with the current status of relays per country for the region (so we can measure if it grows)

b) Create a table to keep track of events per country and who is going to where

c) Create a template to send to operators of relays that aren't running anymore (this is something we should send to all of them no matter if there is an event or not, just to let them know this initiative exist and invite them to turn the relay on again).

d) Create a template to send to current relay operators to invite them to meet ups and other events

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