User support

  • Waiting on SIDA funding for website
  • We are providing support via:
    • RT
    • Support portal
    • StackExchange
    • #Tor
    • tor-talk ML
  • UX team waiting on funding
  • frontdesk@ is now listed on the contact page
  • Support portal content is testing well on frontdesk@
  • Website requires funding <-- MOST IMPORTANT
  • New Tor Browser on Android, will need a support plan for mobile
  • New Tor Browser pluggable transport mockup should cut down on support requests
  • Manual is not mirrored, talk to sysadmin team about changing this
  • Do we need funding for more support people?
  • Priotitize downloads page for translation (Potentially before rewrite)
  • Put support portal up before website rewrite
  • Support portal translation can occur once its off the wiki
  • Talk to Hiro about support portal
  • Tor needs an updated curriculum
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