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    v1 v1  
     1= website redesign update
     3== the idea of the website redesign is to have four portals:
     5=== main portal
     6* what is tor?
     7* download the thing
     8* donations
     9* job openings
     10* who are the board
     11* who are the people
     12* legal stuff, financial stuff
     13* blog
     14..* how to organize the blog tags better?
     15* newsletter
     16* press/news
     17..* how do we regularly/automatically add recent positive press/statements from Tor?
     19...then three subportals
     21=== development portal
     22* needs more feedback from people doing technical work
     23* Tor ecosystem diagrammed -- how different bits of Tor interact
     24* areas of work (four dev teams) -- OONI, applications, network, metrics
     25* research
     27=== community portal
     28* building up the Tor community in a scalable way
     29* resources for people who host cryptoparties
     30* resources for people who run onion services
     31* six subpages
     32* support for relay operators
     33* easy way for people to get involved
     34..* user testing
     35..* intake mechanism/form for people who want more information. if they request training, there is a second step that asks them more questions. maybe the requests go to frontdesk@
     36..* tor trainers
     37..* what goes in the training curriculum? what does training mean/not mean? training on tor is a big responsibility, how to convey that?
     38..* how to give trainers support. mailing list? ways for trainers to get support? ways for people to request training. could this be a webform?
     39..* what does a bare minimum tor curriculum look like? besides how tor works, what to expect, what its limitations are, and how to install it
     40..* how do we build trainings that respond to the needs of people requesting the trainings?
     41..* how do we do more than just giving them the resource and then leaving?
     42..* Tor people who already do trainings should be users of this page to make sure it works
     43..* maybe what needs to happen to resolve this is a knowledge skillshare from trainers
     45=== support portal
     46* a place for people to get help using Tor
     47* searchable
     48* FAQ
     49* translated!
     50* feedback mechanism
     51* link to IRC
     53* in order to get these pages rendered, they looked at all the existing resources eg why run a tor relay, how to run a relay, organizations to donate to if you can't run a relay
     55* then prioritize the info and order it in a way that makes more sense than the current website structure
     57* what is the timeline for the website redesign? we requested funding for a multi-year project to develop the site and get feedback. trying to do as much work as possible until that funding comes through
     59* one goal of this new website is to get more direct user testing/feedback
     61* who are the people who are needed for feedback? not just vegas leads, but developers. find them and ask them for direct feedback.
     63* getting quantitative and qualitative feedback
     64..* we have to try multiple user paths in the website