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A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests in Montreal, to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines, and other important matters.

Participant Guidelines: 2017Montreal/ParticipantGuidelines

Week at a glance

FAQ about Montreal:


The Holiday Inn Centre-ville Ouest. 1390 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montreal, QC H3G 2M5, Canada


The international airport in Montreal is named Pierre Elliott Trudeau and its code is YUL.

There are only two ways to get to the Tor hotel from the YUL airport:

  1. You take a cab which will cost you 40$CAD fixed rate. Usually, you include a little tip ;). ALL taxis in Montreal MUST allow you to pay by card or cash and get a receipt.

Be aware, it won't be a fixed rate if you are outside of the boundary of downtown. Every cab has a map glued to the passanger window showing what are the boundaries (street names).

  1. Public transport. Unfortunately, no tram or metro from the airport exists so there is a single bus line name the "747" (get it?). It goes from the bus central station (Berri-UQAM) downtown to the airport stopping a little bit in between.

It costs 10$CAD and takes approximately 50-60 minutes to go to your destination. You exit the bus at Guy / René-Lévesque and then it's a 4 minute walk to the hotel (250m). This map from the Overmind shows you the path:

It's not that big of an airport so US or International, you will exit at the same place. You will quickly notice, pass the people waving at you or waiting for Mr. Tremblay, at least one big orange machine:

It is the machine you can use to buy a bus ticket. If you are having trouble, there are lots of kiosk to help you out nearby. You can even see one on the left of the picture ;).

For people arriving from Canada, it's an exit a bit further away so just follow the signs :).


The Holiday Inn Centre-ville Ouest. 1390 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montreal, QC H3G 2M5, Canada


Because Montreal is in Canada and Canada can be cold, here is an idea of what to expect in terms of temperatures.

Mid-October is a month where almost all the leaf tree go in "color mode" (orange, yellow, red, ...) so it is a very beautiful time of the year but it also means the temperature is in between ~15C (~59F) at most and can go down to ~5C (~41F) at night.

This means that YOU MUST BRING at the very least a coat that keeps you warm from the dangerous outside (the place with the sun). You might see a meejah or a Colin, or a dgoulet wearing only a hoodie or a light sweater. PLEASE DO NOT IMITATE, they are trained Canadians! Also, the Minnesota people might behave that way.


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

(Remember, October 11 through October 13 are invitation only.)

Person Attending Arriving Departing Mark this column if you want a room in the hotel block Preferred name for name tag
nickm yes 11 Oct 16 Oct? yes Nick Mathewson
Linda yes 11 Oct 15 Oct? yes Linda Lee
gunner yes 11 Oct 15 Oct? yes gunner
dgoulet yes - - David Goulet
Shari yes 10 Oct 16 Oct yes Shari
Sue yes 11 Oct 15 Oct? yes Sue Abt
mo yes 10 Oct 16 Oct in cheaper place 200m away moritz
teor yes Early Oct 17 Oct yes Tim (teor)
George yes ? ? no asn (George)
komlo yes 10 15 yes Chelsea (komlo)
isis yes 8 16? no ✨isis✨
NickCalyx yes 10 15 yes Nick Merrill (Calyx)
Dr. Brandon Wiley yes 10 16 yes Dr. Brandon Wiley
yawning no - - - -
kat yes 10 15 yes (with Ian) kat
Ian yes 10 15 yes (with kat) Ian
lex yes - - lex
ewyatt yes 10 Oct 15 Oct yes Erin Wyatt
Rob Jansen yes 11 Oct 15 Oct no Rob Jansen
ilv yes 10 Oct 14 Oct yes (single) ilv
Antonela Debiasi yes - 16 Oct? not sure yet Antonela Debiasi
Maria Xynou yes 06 Oct (for OONI meeting) 15 Oct yes Maria Xynou (agrabeli)
Arturo yes 06 Oct (for OONI retreat) 15 Oct yes Arturo Filastò (hellais)
Leonid Evdokimov yes 06 Oct (for OONI meetup) 15 Oct yes Leonid Evdokimov (darkk)
stephw yes 10 Oct 15 Oct yes Steph
stefani yes 10 Oct 15 Oct yes Stefani
Alison yes 10 Oct 16 Oct yes Alison
intrigeri no - - - -
Nick Hopper yes 13 Oct (late) 15 Oct no Nick Hopper
David F. yes 11 Oct 16 Oct yes David Fifield
karsten yes Oct 11 Oct 14 yes (single) Karsten Loesing (karsten)
Mike Perry yes Oct 11 Oct 15 yes (single) Mike Perry
Cindy C. yes Oct 11 Oct 13 yes -
str4d yes 13 Oct 16 Oct? not sure Jack Grigg (str4d)
mrphs no - - - -
Linus yes 10 Oct 15 Oct Linus (ln5)
Vasilis yes 06 Oct (for OONI meeting) 16 Oct yes Vasilis
Lorenzo yes 06 Oct (for OONI meeting) 15 Oct yes Lorenzo (nuke)
Patrick O'Doherty yes 13 Oct 16 Oct - Patrick O'Doherty (noisetor)
qbi yes 11 Oct 16 Oct yes Jens / qbi
Aaron Johnson yes 11 Oct 15 Oct no Aaron Johnson
Julius Mittenzwei yes 10 Oct 15 Oct no Julius
Juris no - - - -
brade yes 11 Oct 14 Oct yes Kathy (brade)
mcs yes 11 Oct 14 Oct yes Mark (mcs)
Colin Childs (Phoul) yes 10 Oct 16 Oct yes (single) Colin (Phoul)
Georg yes 10 Oct 15 Oct yes Georg (GeKo)
gus yes 7 Oct 16 Oct yes gus
Damian yes 11 Oct 15 Oct yes Damian (atagar)
pastly yes 11 Oct 15 Oct no Matt (pastly)
Samdney no :/ --- --- --- ---
arthuredelstein yes 10 Oct 14 Oct yes Arthur Edelstein
catalyst yes 8 Oct 16 Oct yes (single) Taylor Yu (catalyst)
Will Shackleton (Facebook) yes 13 Oct (evening) 16 Oct? yes Will Shackleton
hiro yes 7 Oct 16 Oct? ? Silvia Puglisi (hiro)
Sukhbir yes 10 Oct 15 Oct yes (single) Sukhbir (sukhe)
amoghbl1 yes 11 Oct 13 Oct yes (single) Amogh[bl1]
meejah yes Oct 11 Oct 16? yes meejah
Ethan Tseng (Mozilla) yes 10 Oct 14 Oct yes (single) Ethan
Tim Huang (Mozilla) yes 10 Oct 14 Oct yes (single) Tim Huang
Wennie Leung (Mozilla) yes 10 Oct 14 Oct yes (single) Wennie
Christoph Kerschbaumer (Mozilla) yes 10 Oct 14 Oct yes (single) ckb
David Stainton yes 11 Oct 17 Oct No David Stainton
Nathan Freitas Yes 11 Oct 15 Oct yes Nathan
Arlo yes - - - arlolra
Bill Budington yes 7 Oct 17 Oct yes Bill (legind)
Manish Goregaokar (Mozilla / Rust) yes 9 Oct? 16 Oct no Manish (Manishearth)
Nikita Borisov yes 11 Oct 15 Oct no Nikita
Alex Crichton (Rust) yes - - no Alex
Willscott yes 10 Oct? 15 Oct no Will
boklm yes ? ? no Nicolas (boklm)
saint yes 10 Oct 16 Oct? yes Griffin
Michael Layzell (Mozilla / Rust) yes 9 Oct? 16 Oct? no mystor
Richard Pospesel yes 10 Oct 16 Oct yes Richard
Alex yes ? ? no Alex (ahf)
Matt F. (sysrqb) yes 9 Oct 15 Oct yes Matt (sysrqb)
Mike Tigas yes 11 Oct 15 Oct yes Mike Tigas
Joe Landers yes 6 Oct 15 Oct yes Joe Landers
without boats (Mozilla / Rust) yes 8? 15? no boats
Paul Syverson yes 11 Oct 15 Oct no Paul Syverson
Philipp Winter yes 11 Oct 15 Oct no Philipp Winter (phw)
Fredrik Strömberg yes TBA TBA no Fredrik
Sina Rabbani yes 11 Oct 14 Oct Yes (single pls., need to use own card for checkout) Sina Rabbani
Matt Wright yes 11 Oct 12 Oct no Matt Wright
redshiftzero (Freedom of Press) yes 14 Oct 15 Oct no Jen (redshiftzero)
mickael yes 14 Oct 15 Oct no mickael
vmon yes 14 Oct 14 Oct no vmon
Adelita Schule yes 11 Oct 15 Oct yes Adelita
kromcuich yes 12 Oct 13 Oct no Dmitri
Roger yes 9 Oct 17 Oct yes Roger
gtank yes 11 Oct 15 Oct? no George (gtank)


The Dinner will be held at the Holiday Inn's Frank Selke Room on Wednesday October 11th at 7:00pm. The Frank Selke room is on the 15th floor and offers "stunning" panoramic views of the city and Mont-Royal mountain. There is a private pre-function hall with a fixed bar and we also have access to a private terrace. If you plan on attending the "meet and greet" dinner, please add yourself to this table:Alex

Person Attending
Roger Y
George Y
nickm Y
Linda Y
gunner Y
dgoulet Y
ssteele Y (daughter Hanna attending, too)
sabt Y
teor Y
Mike Y? (land 5:45pm..)
komlo Y
isis Y
nickcalyx Y
Dr. Brandon Wiley Y
jvsg Y
kat Y
Ian Y
ewyatt Y
Rob Y
Antonela Y
Maria Xynou Y
stephw Y
stefani Y
Arturo Y
Alison Y
karsten Y
Cindy C Y
Linus Y
Vasilis Y
Lorenzo Y
qbi Y
Aaron Johnson Y
Julius Mittenzwei Y
brade Y
mcs Y
Colin Childs (Phoul) Y
Georg Y
gus Y
Damian N (like to but flight arrives 7pm, so guess I'll miss it)
pastly Y
Arthur E. Y
catalyst Y
hiro Y
sukhe Y
amoghbl1 Y
meejah Y
Ethan Tseng Y
Tim Huang Y
Wennie Leung Y
Christoph Kerschbaumer Y
David Stainton Y
Nathan Freitas Y
Arlo Y
Manishearth Y
Alex Crichton Y
Will Scott Y
boklm Y
saint Y
mystor Y
Richard Pospesel Y
Alex Y
Matt F. Y
Mike Tigas Y
Joe Landers Y
without boats Y
Paul Syverson Y
ilv Y
Leonid Y
mo Y
Sina Rabbani Y
Matt Wright Y
Adelita Schule Y
gtank Y
Nikita Y
micah Y
Hyra Y

Coordination mailing list

Subscribe to the tor-meeting mailing list to keep informed about plans.

Outcomes and Session ideas

Put your ideas for outcomes and sessions here:


Open Days

Will you be hacking on something during the Open Days? Please add it to this schedule: 2017Montreal/OpenDays


Session Notes

Nearby (temporally and physically) conferences

These aren't officially related to our meeting, but you might want to know about them anyway!

Wikipedia Meetup, 18 October, Montreal

For details and other (Canadian) locations, see:

Local Medical Resources

Interesting local stuff

Craft Beer

Local hackerspace

Relay Operator meetup

Colin Childs (Phoul) is planning this, see blog for details.