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  • if you will facilitate the session, or if you have another session facilitator, include the name
  • if you want someone else to facilitate the session you're proposing, please note that

Invitation-only Days

  • Global South Initiative: what we're doing, where and how; challenges & opportunities. (gus)
  • Global South Initiative - part 2: Let's think about the future and build a roadmap! (gus)
  • Onion services talking points (steph)
  • UX Sprint - Create and sort by priority user issues based on 2018 Reports (antonela)
  • UX Team roadmap OCT18 - JUN18 (antonela)
  • UX Team trac love session - Update, clean and sort trac tickets with 'ux-team'label (antonela)
  • - Let's talk about the content we want to have on this portal - #26836 (antonela)
  • Censorship Rapid Response: Brainstorming on collaboration between OONI & Tor & determining next steps (maria xynou)
  • Tor anti-censorship strategy brainstorming and next steps (?? | arturo)
  • Future and next steps for BridgeDB (?? | arturo)

Public Days

  • Tor training for beginners (en español/in Spanish). Needs facilitator (maybe Gus wants to do this!) (I can help with the spanish in case someone is interested. Marco Ruano) [on schedule]
  • State of the Onion reprise for the public. Same facilitators who give this plenary during the private days [on schedule]
  • Tor user testing. Needs facilitator [on schedule]
  • Demystifying Tor (en español/in Spanish). -I think there's A LOT of rumors and miss knowledge about Tor and it would be great to talk about what Tor is not. (particularly Gus's talk at Cryptorave mentioned this and it would be a great start) I can help if needed. Marco Ruano [on schedule]
  • getting Tor integrated everywhere where it makes sense (Debian, Android apps, Lineage/Copperhead/Fairphone, Homebrew, Mac Store, etc) [on schedule]
  • Linguine - building a common localization platform integrated with other projects and related communities [on schedule]
  • Brochures and new materials: would be awesome to have brochures focused in users personas. Let's think about this and draft some brochures! Facilitator: I could do it (gus).
  • ToT: hello digital security trainers in Mexico, let's talk about training users about Tor. Facilitator: gus. [on schedule]
  • Workshop: Onionyze Mexico: how we could have more organizations in Mexico using onion services? Or if you want to learn how to do this for you organization, come to say 'hi'. Needs facilitator. [on schedule]
  • GoodBadISP Mexico Version: which ISPs are blocking Tor? Which ISPs we could recommend to hosting relays?. Facilitator: Jacobo. [on schedule]
  • Learn all about OONI: How to measure internet censorship & other forms of network interference. Facilitator: Maria Xynou [on schedule, preferably Day 1]
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