Magic The Gathering

At the network team meeting in Seattle we found out that quite a lot of us have played Magic The Gathering when we were younger. We had a lot of fun and it was a good way to relax after a long day full of meetings.

If you are able to find your deck(s) you should considering bringing them to Mexico if you are up for playing. If you are interested in playing, but don't have a deck, you will be able to borrow one from somebody else.


Draft is a good way to play if you don't have your own deck. The way it works is that you sign up below, show up at a yet-to-be-announced time.

We will provide you and everyone else with 3 "booster packs" (a small pack containing some MTG cards). Everybody opens one pack of boosters at the same time, pick one card from the booster, then pass it on the one sitting next to you, we continue you to do that until all the boosters are empty, we then repeat this step with the two remaining booster packs, except that we rotate the direction of where we pass the booster packs after each new opening.

Once you have build your deck with the cards you have "drafted" we are gonna provide you with some "land cards" (a resource in the game) and you will by now have a complete deck that you can play with during our stay in Mexico and bring home and play with your friends at home, but before that we are going to play a small tournament using the drafted cards.

You can read more about drafting at

What do I need to bring to a draft?

Everything will be provided for you, but you do have to pay to participate because we are gonna open up new boosters.

Usually it costs around 20-25 USD to participate. The cards you draft are yours after the event and you are free to play with them whenever you feel like. This makes it a good opportunity to get some cards to play with against others while we are in Mexico.

Sign Up

For the draft we need to know how many people that are up for playing because we need to buy some boosters and some packs of lands before we can play. Please sign up if you are up for joining:

Nickname I'm gonna bring my own deck I'm up for a draft I'm up for helping new players
ahf Yes Yes Yes
asn Yes, if I find it YESYESYESYES Yes
intrigeri Sold it ~20y ago Yes Probably forgot too much
GeKo No, never had one Yes No, as I am a new player
micah intri stole mine 21rs ago Yes no way, i'm here to win
teor How many should I bring? Oops I forgot Yes Yes
ju i met micah only 10y ago Yes i'm the new player!
dkg i will bring 3 or 4 decks yep oh yeah
nickm sure yesplz sure? might be too frazzled tho
art 90% not, 10% I will find it in 24h Yes I am quite a noob
robgjansen Yes Yes (I signed up too late) Yes (the basics)
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