CI session ==========

  • We should *only* merge code where the CI is not failing.
  • We should consider having the test-network-all tests running as well as stem tests.
    • Sometimes consensus might fail because of the way we fire off timers eagerly.
    • Cascading failure modes for consensus, we might happen for the public network, but it's more unlikely.
    • Let's start by having it as allow to fail tests on Travis while we test it.
  • We should put high priority to always fixing CI failures.
  • We should ensure CI passes before we merge more stuff.
  • Should we have asn/dgoulet create PR's as part of the review ticket triage: yes, we do, but only for a test period where they note down how much time they spend.
  • CI/coverity role creates a ticket when there is CI failure and tries to ensure that it gets assigned to the right people (subsystem maintainer).
  • Create ticket when a test has been disabled due to CI failures. Review the list of tickets at the upcoming network-team meeting.
  • AppVeyor is currently broken.
  • If we don't watch AppVeyor we should watch jenkins for Windows' failures.
  • For volunteers either put their code in a PR and/or put the ticket into needs_info
  • Rationales for CI:
    • When CI is broken on master, it's a lot of work to figure out if it's master or your own branch that is the problem.
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