Community portal mapping

Mockups for the community portal for today's session:


  • Take a look at community portal components on mock up
  • Do they make sense to have on this site
  • Think about any subcategories within components
  • What content needs to be on portal?
  • Where does that content exist now?
  • does it exist?
    • trac
    • website
  • If so, does it need updates?
  • If not, does it need to be written?
    • Who is going to write it?


  • Missing:
    • volunteer section
      • need subpages
  • Outreach - Is that the right term?
  • Training - is this a subcategory here or its own category
    • to find materials that people can use if they want to train people on Tor
    • Are we providing different resources in training vs outreach
  • Outreach
    • Alison: Outreach is more about events, advocacy
    • Kat: brochures would go here
    • Gus: Stickers
    • Pari: Installation instruction posters and other resources
    • Griffin: providing a kit
    • Glenn: secondary content can link between categories, e.g kits, stickers, posters
    • Kat: instead of "Volunteer" maybe use "Get Involved"
      • George: it's broader, e.g I want to know how to get on the Tor irc channels
    • Pari: Call to action to also go to support portal
    • Kat: Governance docs maybe needs to be moved out
      • Alison: Community Governance includes code of conduct, community council guidelines, other docs, e.g social contracts
        • Is this the right term?
        • Where should this content go.
        • "Diversity and Inclusion" is the Mozilla term
        • Currently on community team wiki
  • Relay Operators
  • User Testing
  • .onion hosting
    • Antonela: not sure why this section is there
  • *NEW* "Operators" section
    • Alison: maybe this shouldn't go on front page
      • would include relay hosting
      • hosting other infrastructure
      • Kat: "Relays and Onions"
        • Antonela: more informal, which is good
    • Griffin: maybe would be good to have something about authorities?
    • Gus: should we have some other page for community projects, e.g onionshare, securedrop, etc...
      • Alison: It should probably belong here
      • Antonela: "Tor Ecosystem"
      • Kat: link out to projects and explain what they are
    • Steph: we want people who are not necessarily going to be involved (hands on? e.g donors) to be able to understand what is going on, so it should be accessible to them also
    • Arthur: Should we have a link out about Tor Teams e.g with a link out to development portal?
      • Antonela: there will be a link out to OONI under development portal
      • Elio: can we have a section about OONI in community portal? e.g people who collect measurements who are not developers
      • Alison: Have a page that lists all of the different ways people can get involved, e.g collect OONI measurements
        • run tor browser
      • George: there's so many ways that people can get involved, we need a concise way to list all of these out rather than a long page of text like we currently have.
      • Alison: A lot of people ask about what simple things they can do to get involved
      • Pari: organised based on skills, are you technical or not? Makes it easy for people to find out what they can do
      • Alison: In teams section it may help to list out ways you can get involved with each team
      • George: "Choose your own adventure" for
      • Elio: "What can I do for Tor" e.g fork [What Can I do for Mozilla](
      • Cybelle: we need to think about language and how we can be more inclusive to non-technical people e.g not tor users
      • Alison: UX testing
      • Maggie: Should we provide definitions
        • Alison: there are _3_ different glossaries...
          • Antonela: these should be unified
        • Provide tooltips and/or links to glossary for these keywords
      • Maggie: There is a big barrier to entry, need to think about them first across all portals
      • George: need to think about how we do this without javascript...
      • Glenn: A lot of important content is hard to discover without scrolling, maybe we can have some sort of secondary navigation to allow people to see what is on a page on first glance
        • Alison: the support portal does this
      • Glenn: Should translations go here also?
      • Griffin: Should noscript whitelist
      • Alison: people should be able to add events, but there should be a distinction between meetings and other events?
      • Glenn: SHould bug reports go here?
        • Alison: that should go into the main website
        • Antonela: there is a "contact us" page, can report bug, security issue, generic queries...
      • Steph: "How to submit a bug" should be something that is global across all the sites
      • Glenn: What's the difference between support and community portals
        • Alison:
          • support portal is for FAQs, manuals, search
          • community is more about getting involved and advocacy
        • Glenn: SHould they be the same thing?
      • Alison/Pari: lots of cross-linking, e.g "This is not what I'm looking for" - to link out to the other sites
      • Pari/Alison: "Tor person of the month" - featuring what's on the blog
      • Maggie: Where does feedback go?
        • Steph: Global contact us section
  • Alison: Where should "User Testing" section go
    • Maybe with translations
    • Maybe under training?
    • "Stretch Goal" for training sessions: "Want to help even more? Run a user testing session!"
    • Antonela: We want to open up our UX research in future
    • Glenn: If it's important enough maybe it should go in home page
    • Antonela: we should start by hosting this on

Next steps

Community and UX team will work together on roadmap and dependencies

*Timeline for portal*:

None yet. Sprint for content stuff

Additional notes Goals for the session

Take a look at the components of the community portal. Think about what kind of sub categories go with these components Just knowing what we want to put on the website

This is what we have now...

Relay options

User testing



A volunteer category

Comments and questions

  • I feel like outreach is the same as training
  • most people don’t have a tech understanding of Tor
  • Its providing people with a push to understand the value of tor
  • how can we differentiate training and outreach…are we going to provide the same resources for them
  • the outreach part is mainly events, tor advocacy that doesn’t fit under training.
  • The  brochures, we had them to give out at training. Also stickers, they can use these resources to hand out to people
  • The idea of an  outreach kit…with resources
  • Events are different, having secondary content that links training and outreach
  • It might be easy to forget to update these two things
  • I want to see more on how people can get involved. Not necessarily as a volunteer “ I want to do research for my paper On the training page…
  • what about the governance documents and the team documents (for example that where you can find info about the social contract)
  • Mozilla calls it diversity and inclusion.. but… do you want to have conceal documents on the portal. Its on the team wiki now
  • Why do we have onion hosting. I think we shouldn’t have that
  • I think a category about ‘operations’ is good
  • what about ‘contributing to tor’
  • How about ‘relays and onions’ I like it
  • People are always curious about how to become a relay
  • Community projectsonion sharesecure droptor ecosystem does this belong here
  • Something that says what do we mean by the tor community
  • we want people that are not involved to understand what is going on.
  • Making donations buttons
  • do we want a section for developers? They should be a path to the development portal
  • on the dev portal we will have one page that links OONI. We can have a section on the community portal to run a test. We can add this to the
  • get involved list of things to do
  • a lot of the questions we get are to get involved
  • we can organize it based on what the user knows or on the basis on how much time they want to spend
  • what can I do for Tor’ You click through and depending on your interest, then the option are available
  • what kind of language…simpledifficult. For my mum some of the words are not simple
  • It can help to localize the community portal
  • we could do UX testing on this
  • we could offer some definitions
  • we have 3 glossaries already. Maybe the words can have links (when you hover) we can unify our glossaries
  • the a really big barrier, if we design for the least tech users then it will be more useful
  • think about the people who don’t use javascript.
  • a lot of these pages have important information. Is there a
  • secondary navigation. Something that does not take too much time. We can have topics.
  • does translation go under the ‘get involved’
  • for the events, something that denoted tor project stuff. People should be able to add event
  • is this a place where people can report bugs?
  • the contact page is there, so you can report an issue
  • info on how to submit a bug will be available on all the portals
  • what is the difference between the support portal and the community portal?
  • is this a question for testing?
  • the support portal is to find FAQs …the community portal is for people
  • there should be a lot of cross thinking for these portals
  • we should have some sort of write up on this platform. “A tor person of the month”
  • where do people contact as about feedback?
  • do we have any thoughts about UX testing. Where does it go? ‘Get involved’
  • we could put this under training
  • we don’t have a UX portal index
  • it might make sense to host this UX research somewhere. Its on in trac now
  • maybe put this on the homepage?? Maybe this will have political


  • Maybe we can add our research on the community portal?
  • community and ux team are planning resources for these...
  • Think about time line with Alison
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