Executive Director Transition


Shari gave more than 12 months notice that she would be retiring by the end of 2018. Edit: In October 2017

In the last 3 years, Shari has built a robust organisation with new and existing admin staff.

New Executive Director

We chose Isabela, an internal candidate who is very familiar with Tor.

Isabela was Tor's project manager for the last few years.

New Staff

We hired two project managers to replace Isabela, so that all teams had project management support. The UX team lead is now Antonela. (Isabela was also the UX team lead.)

We brought in staff who are experienced in their organisational roles to support Isabela as Executive Director. Including a fundraising director and the CFO.

US audits ask the Executive Director questions, Shari and Isabela were in the current audit session. (US non-profits ask auditors for regular audits to improve their processes.)

We have just signed a new lease on the Seattle office.

Timeline and Next Steps

The transition has been going smoothly.

We are ready to transition when Isabela is ready.

Isabela is planning on doing the Executive Director transition on November 5. Isabela will hold a regular tea-time on IRC, where she will talk about Tor and answer questions. Some teams may also host tea-times. (The time will rotate so that people in different time zones can attend.)

Shari will be available for Isabela to consult until the end of 2018. Then Shari will move to the board, to continue to help Tor.

Isabela will write an email to the community before 2019, about her vision for the organisation. Face-to-face meetings with key operations staff and team leads.


Can we do a video or voice chat for some tea-times?

Can we write a boilerplate for executive director transition for funders, grant applications and auditor statements?

Can we coordinate the transition with the year-end fundraising campaign?

Can we have tea-times at Tor meetings with the Executive Director?

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