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     1Year End Campaign & Status of Finances
     2Oct 1, 2018
     3Mexico City meeting
     5We have two new finance staff - M & B to help SA, going through 18-mo audit to shift financial year from calendar year to June-July.
     7Question: What percentage of the funding for Tor is from the US gov’t?
     8Answer: ~55% from U.S. federal funding
     9SS: Her job is to diversify the funding stream, we’re moving away from this.
     10IE, private foundation funds from companies like Handshake (who are they?! What do they do?)
     11SA: We’ve been very successful in shifting our percentages while also increasing our budget
     13SS: So far in 2018 we’ve made ~$250K from individual giving. Last year we had only 50K in our email database, now we have about 100K in the database. More and more people making monthly giving gifts… about 200 people per month.
     15Post year-end campaign tactic is to convert one-time EOY campaign givers to monthly giving.
     17Handful of grants in the pipeline--now that we have more staff, we can do more and more and more! In the past, most grants have been written by outgoing executive director, IB, & RD (mostly federal grants).
     19Major donors is a tactic that we haven’t had the bandwidth to pursue, but will be expanding our efforts. SS has been reaching out to folks in the database who haven’t had much contact and her efforts have been successful in procuring donations.
     21Email list sign-up: 200+ per day. Folks opt-in to comms from Tor, and are able to opt-out of fundraising emails without opting out of the newsletter. Concern: will people be annoyed with fundraising asks? How can we measure how many people opt out during fundraising asks and adjust tactics as needed.
     23SS reached out to 600 people who gave $100 once in the past -- positive response, will be sending t-shirts to folks who said they never received one.
     25SS & IB planning on doing more traveling asks to connect with major donors. EFF shared that they do this work with major donors and generally tack it onto existing trips.
     27Bequest tactic: asking folks to put Tor in their will. Note that the cryptohacker community is getting older. EFF is working on this tactic, SS has connected with their major donor staff folks.
     29EOY Campaign
     30Theme: strength in numbers
     31Stronger, keep Tor independent, more financially robust when we have individual support
     32Later today (10/1) brainstorming the creative / copy / numerical representation of this work
     33Integrating passing of the executive director torch emails into the campaign
     34Cross social posting, A/B testing with different kinds of text & graphics
     35Giving Tuesday
     36“Helps keep Tor independent” vs. “more independent”
     37Your unrestricted giving is even more valuable, even if it’s a small amount. Flexible!
     38Anonymity loves company--crowds make this work.
     39Think about integrating or expanding on the people images that AD made. Have to remember that the t-shirt is linked with all of the giving.
     41Posed question: Can core contributors and volunteers can buy sweatshirts (which are typically reserved for $500 donors during the EOY campaign) at cost + shipping? Group agreed that yes.