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Year End Campaign Brainstorm 10/1/2018 Mexico City meeting

Fundraising campaign launches on Oct 23

What are ways we can quantify our work over the last year? We have members of the Metrics team here to talk about

Strength in numbers and anonymity loves company: Metrics team has the total number of users (overall, and targeted by country) Tying numbers to use cases (like, number of users in Iran and why people would use Tor because of specific details of the climate in Iran) Asking products who use Tor about their user data? Potentially

Giving Tuesday Highlighting the way that Tor interacts with other nonprofits? The numbers might be difficult to get, we don’t know all nonprofits

Quantify data ideas Run a lines of code counter Put Tor in the middle and arrange other projects around the Tor Number of contributors on each project How many different countries How many different contributors How many different languages Extract data from Git to get the number of contributors How many bugs that have been fixed by going through the Trac database - might need talking to Hiro to get this data Helen has lots of stories that she can type up and help out with Number of Tor browser downloads Number of translators Number of languages Number of unique IPs connecting -- Aaron’s research paper? What are we doing with their dollar? If you donate this much, you make X possible. Over time, how many new people are coming to meetings?

Segmented campaigns for each audiences Tor Browser banner - this is a tool you use, and it’s free, and we need your help to continue to do this work. Twitter - mixture of core Tor community and fringe community / may not know as much about the technology around Facebook crowd - human rights stories, the people impacted by the work People who have given before -

If you think that everybody else is giving to Tor, you may be compelled to give.

Art concepts A group of people with one person holding up an onion

Have to be careful about taking credit away from volunteer relay operators.

Blog posts by different people of Tor IE, a blog post from each team: can each team have a different metric that they talk about.

Will need to talk to Giant Rabbit to about creating unique URLs for the campaign and the details of what we’ll need from them.

Hiro puts the banner on Arthur can make the changes on the other ways to donate page.

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