Notes for the 2nd linguini session


Hiro, Iain, Maka, Norman, Jen, Gunnar, Micah, Emmapeel, Jaime, Leez, Estrella, Alex

Digital security documentation

Estrella: Presents the need for a place to share and validate with colleagues plans, sketches, ideas in a _non-public_ way; a group of people that can act as consultants of sorts, set thits up as a service.

Iain: recommends the use of lektor static site generator (packaged in Debian by Hiro) that includes facilities for translation. Includes a local user-friendly NodeJS-based editor for adding/modifying webpages. It has some issues to be ironed out in Debian yet (i.e. user vs. target mismatch, reliance on pip...)

Maka (Free Software Community Radios Network): Wants to get standard criteria for setting up infrastructure for different needs, different realities... Also, comparisons between tools, including _when_ each tool is better than the other (i.e. when to set up mumble or when to prefer jitsi). They are documenting in a Wikithe discussions and decisions they have made as they go. Parts of the wiki are public, part are still in process. In the case of Rhizomatica, all of their wiki is public.

Hiro: We need a centralized space to publish this information. Gunnar: Maybe it should be a centralized space that _points to_ those resources? We cannot compel organizations to centralize their work in a specific place..?

Leez: Making available repositories, not in a self-hosted way, but in a way the information is... Not public, but available to trusted organizations...

Differences between IRC, forums (Stack Overflow mentioned repeatedly) for this information... But discussion regarding both of their viability. Stack Overflow has the mindshare, but is not privacy-respecting. Micah: channel #tech has been around since the mid 1990s and has interesting people logged in...

Jaime: Generational divide. IRC ↔ Mattermost (including gateways between them..?

Micah: Collaborative documents editing. Libreoffice via Nextcloud works better than Etherpad/Ethercalc. Collabora → presents a libreoffice window (hackish); OnlyOffice → Better solution, included by Nextcloud.

Where do we go from here? How to avoid losing track of this topic until the next Tor meeting? IRC? Email? Discourse? Zulip? ... ?

Concept map — Digital security documentation

Jaime drew a concept map

  static site generators
    git --->  {ikiwiki, jekyll, hugo, lektor}
      Repositories |          | ↓          ↓
    Decentralization   Private vs.
      |                 public |
  Tool + service comparison table
  Ask a Digisec question? | ↓

{IRC channel, lists, forums, mattermost, zulip, discourse....}

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