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     2- not much has happened since OB 2.0, but new funding and work about to start!
     3- good progress made on running tor in process via Tor.framework, but need to complete testing in the next two months
     4- torapi.h interface should now work for in process tor
     5- need to move to new control interface, using sockets
     6- work on VPN stopped due to memory limits; got it working, but crashed due to memory leaks
     9- keeping current with releases
     10- latest NDK requires move to clang. Should move to NDK official build process instead of Makefile
     11- have new PT library:
     12- working on porting Snowflake into this PT library
     13- focus on enhancing VPN mode; support intent-based API to request Tor to tunnel app over VPN connection
     16- new and improved disable network flag should be tested in 0.3.4.x
     17- in the future can be used to partially disable tor, say to stop client use, but still support Onion Service hosting
     18- we have a patch that implements Doze, can be used
     19- need better measurement and profiling; can do network profiling using Android Profiler on devices/emulators
     20- add --disable-dirauth modules support into build
     21- need to better support developer tools and libraries like Tor.framework iOS and TorOnionProxyLibrary
     22- dig into chip specific crypto as potential optimization, what does openssl do? can we help openssl accelerate? check with awesome OpenSSL devs