• New meeting planners.
  • What kind of meeting people want?
  • Where should we make the next meeting?

+ Some people want to have the meeting in Stockholm (during PETS days, July). Co-locating with other conferences turns out to be pretty exhausting. For people with children summer is actually harder, for a travel option.

+ July is 8 moths away, maybe doing the meeting each 6 months. Also we would like a better weather.

+ There are also some ideas on making the meeting on the Global South. That would mean making other meeting in the Global South, filling in the deficit in Latin America.

+ April or March would be better.

+ Europe: Spain or Portugal.

+ Sao Paulo could be an option, but that would mean maybe pairing the conference with the CryptoRave. Also, CryptoRave is only one day, and not as exhausting as PETS.

+ We have already talked about Chile being very expensive, so Brasil could be an alternative. We can make a shortlist of the possible cities. In the next few weeks we could report back the cost range amongst different cities.

+ The cost savings could be related to the host country. In India, for example, Hyderabad.

+ Place that can hold up several people, strong WiFi.

+ We need to have dedicated rooms for each session. We could ask for universities.

+ There could be some other resources form other initiatives, some less travel will be apreciaste: somewhere that meant less than 6 hours of travel.

+ There are some concerns regarding the growth and the implications of the travel costs (jet lag, hardships). How worthy is it? Most places on India, Africa, or some regions that would be considered as an special requisite.

+ The co-locating thing could be useful for making some connections (like RightsCon).

+ Consensus building via: —> City and potential month. “I might wanna go to Tunisia, but not in July”

+ Which places need visas?

+ Maybe we could have 2 options in Europe, and 2 outreach options (from the sponsored 9 initiative: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, *Uganda* *Kenya*, India, Indonesia, Thailand).

+ There are groups that could help the facilitation of the visa.

+ Also there has to be a solid quorum for the conference.

+ Visas are always an issue. If there is a place where many people needed visas, that place wouldn’t be an option.

+ U.S. and Canadian citizens need a visa that has a cost of $60USD.

+ How to reach the people that live in the countryside? The big cities are good, but they are also expensive… How can we reach more people?

+ Tor Meeting idea: outreach or meeting the community physically? Sometimes we could think of meeting these goals separately.

+ The outreach is even planned for people who have some knowledge.

+ Thinking of making the next session in Singapore, no visas needed to go there.

+ Far Eastern Europe, Bucarest Croatia —> We can reach out some people and broaden the community (No Poland). Geopolitics and safety should be discussed.

+ We should find out if the elections are going on when the Tor meeting wanted to be held on whatever country.

+ Dakar, West Africa.

+ Keeping the invite only days on weekends.

some possibilities

  • Bogotá
  • Sao Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro (always very dangerous)
  • Lisbon (not so many relays, outside of Lisbon there are nice small cities = cheaper options and universities, however this is not ideal for outreach)
  • Valencia (meet up of the community team)
  • Athens


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