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     1- new specification is out and modular:
     2- new Go transport API v2.1,  new Swift Transport API v1.0: Repos:
     3- Android PT library based on PT spec 2.0 also available:
     4- Shapeshifter: does it expose the IPC and old 1.0 API? Can Tor Browser support it soon?
     6- Goal of Shapershifter is to support new PT's, like Marionette
     7- Operator Foundation working to make it easier to support new PT's
     8- Shapershifter supports 1.0 API, so we can do a TB test build that uses it instead of Obfs4proxy directly
     9- PT design: need more ongoing communication between PT and Tor about censorship
     10- Question to users in need: What do you want Tor to do when it starts? Should it "thrash around" and try to find a way to connect? Should it work more careful, limited way?
     11- Usability effort should ask more users, people, about PT bootstrapping impacts
     12- Status of Meek: developer working to change it to support new methods; Tor still using it with one domain fronting provider
     13- possibility of encrypted SNI for future meek/domain fronting capability, but problems with cloud provider still exist
     14- obfs4 still works, but need to scale more, and find ways to give them out without being blocked; need to ensure the code is maintained
     15- issue of PT in China is one of usability and distribution, not transport technology or new transports
     16- Snowflake is promising, but scalability is an issue; currently just dozens of transports
     17- TB Alpha for Linux and Mac has Snowflake in it; but not in stable release yet
     18- Interest from other apps at using Snowflake
     19- Cupcake is Firefox extension that uses Flashproxy
     20- Need to consider DPI possibilties of Snowflake blocking
     21- Need to keep working wit partners of all kinds to build capacity for PT bridges
     22- Encrypt SNI is a possibility, but we need to not use it wisely