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     1**Research for Tor**
     4- Research ideas
     5- Shows research safety information
     6- Contact info for checking your research
     7- Chelsea’s post on effective and impactful research
     9Seeking to change Ideas page:
     10- Link to blog posts on research questions
     11        - Mike notes: there are 2-3 posts coming out soon
     12- Linking to other things tagged research
     13- And Chelsea’s post
     14- Would like to have something a bit more permanent and regularly updated on this
     15        - Issue — so many changes that it’s hard to keep it up
     16        - Can we have high-level summaries on a page and links from there to detailed blog posts?
     17- 2 audiences:
     18        - 1st-year grad students: overview would be helpful, more static
     19        - Profs: want to know from Tor on what Tor team thinks about research: more dynamic
     21The high-level static ideas page
     22- Have a set of ~3 papers about an idea to get started
     23- Other info: Basics on Tor, like the torspec and other materials
     24        - sounds useful
     25        - It’s “Tor” not TOR!
     26- Thinking to move anonbib into the research page
     27        - Though maintaining anonbib is too much work
     28        - Suggestion: instead of anonbib, include only very Tor-relevant papers in the Tor research papers page (Torbib)
     29        - Automation: grab Tor stuff from CCS and other conferences?
     30        - Have people submit things and vet them?
     31        - What about fuzzy partially Tor papers? Doesn’t have to be perfect
     32- Proposal: this would be a lektor site: Same as the support site and such
     33        - Note: upcoming change is that this might be replaced with a github process, but point is the same
     34- It would be great to have a list of research groups working on Tor stuff
     35        - Current list is very incomplete
     36        - Link to research groups
     37        - Can this be tracked through the Torbib effort?
     38        - Can professors teaching Tor-related research classes manage some of the work?
     39        - Can Roger Dingledine post on the blog drawn from the NSF proposals that indicate the research impact of Tor
     41Dynamic thing:
     42- Nikita goes on Tor IRC to read about what people think about research
     43- It would be helpful to have summaries from Tor people on what they think about a paper
     44- e.g. Why not implement this now? What is not known here? What they don’t like? Why does it not solve the problem?
     45- This would be work, who would do it?
     46        - Note: even keeping up anonbib is not viable
     47        - Get grad students in each area to manage it? Give them credit on the page.
     48        - JSOC-style. Pair grad student with Tor person to write a shared post
     49        - Can keep these on the blog? Citable thing.
     50        - Make them into an IEEE Magazine article? Oh, maybe not enough new for that?
     51- How to assign grad students to this?
     52        - The interested student can jump into it
     53        - Find a couple of students to seed a couple of areas
     54        - Need an editorial process with Tor.
     55        - First the student IDs the papers and gets the thing started, then pair w/ Tor person
     57Mailing list
     58- Hey, we should have a Tor researcher mailing list!
     59- public archives? or not?
     60        - suggested to treat things as a public list, since you don’t know who’s on there
     61- Criteria: published a paper on Tor? sufficient but not necessary.
     62- Criteria: have a Syverson number of at most 3
     63- Nobody wants to moderate the list, so gatekeep the list
     64        - No per-message moderation
     65- Only established Tor researchers
     66        - Would also allow Tor staff
     67        - What about researchers new to Tor research? It’s a trade-off.
     68        - Maybe can get invited, and 2nd layers?
     69        - Will figure it out later, but definitely create the list
     71Chelsea’s Post
     72- How to get your research implemented into Tor
     73        - e.g. standardized, reproducible
     74- Should this be on the portal? Some weak consensus on yes.
     75- Are there things that should be changed?