Linking Rust with C in Tor


Parent ticket: #25386

  • Linking C libraries into Rust doctests #27915
    • Adding a passthrough from cargo test doctests to rustc
  • Switching Rust to use Tor's allocator

Linking Process

The testing story for C code that needs Rust code is very complicated. It gets even more complicated for C -> Rust -> C.

  1. Our configure script fills in fields in a config.rust file, that will be later read by the build script.
  2. We invoke cargo in unusual ways
  3. We try to stick all of the cargo output in a tor-rust.a library
  4. When we are testing, we have a script, we mention this script in the cargo.toml file, so that rust can call into C
  5. The script reads the config.rust file and uses the variables in that list to configure the linker
  6. The test-linking-hack feature in src/rust/protover/ defines an alternate version of a function that does not use a given C function. This resolves circular dependencies when linking C -> Rust -> C doctests. (Doctests don't use, don't set config(test), and don't set config(doctest).)

Static vs Dynamic Linking

Rust's static linking takes all the .o files from the linked library and puts them in the Rust .a lib.

Rust's dynamic linking defers the link step, and passes -L to the linker.

Rust passed -nodefaultlibs to the compiler, so that all libs are explicitly included in the linker command-line. Nightly now has a -linker-default-libs argument that adds default libs.

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