# Tor at IFF

Dates: April 1st - 5th 2019 Location: [Las Naves](, [Valencia](

Free, but limited number of tickets

Tor Attendees

  • Gus
  • Alison
  • Matt
  • Antonela
  • Maggie
  • Hiro
  • Emma
  • Helen
  • Colin?
  • Pili
  • OONI People?

Discussion points

  • Alison:
    • Large Community and UX presence
    • User testing
    • Meet up
      • One evening, provide food, do it in Las Naves
    • Use it as an opportunity to have a mini team meeting (5 days)
    • Branded glitter (purple and green)
      • Confetti
      • Make sure it's environmentally friendly
    • Booth
      • Demos
      • Located towards the entrance
      • All days
        • Antonela: Maybe best on a few days only
        • Maggie: Will it be expected that we're there the whole time
        • Depends how many Tor people will be there.
      • 2 people on the booth, 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon
        • Everyone else can be in the sessions
        • Make a schedule
  • Matt:
    • How
    • Technology track
      • Useless
      • Sharing work without take-aways, calls to action, nothing new to learn, just a show and tell
      • How can we do better?
        • Tor can pay a more vital role
        • help users when it's the right tool to use
    • Other tracks more useful
      • people share their experiences
      • how they do things
      • gives people ideas to
    • Much larger Tor presence
      • Table
      • User testing
        • Validate Personas
      • Outreach
      • Do we want to have space outside main IFF venue also? it's a 12h day as it is...
      • Low key activities, i.e
        • AMA
          • Happen early on, first days
    • Do it like ccc
      • keep a number of tickets back to give to certain organisations, e.g Tor
    • Share deadlines with UX and community teams
  • Gus:
    • Tor Meet up beforehand elsewhere in Spain?
      • Can give some IFF tickets there
      • Can have more in depth conversations with people if we do that
      • Go from Lisbon, to Valencia, to... ? :)
  • Antonela:
    • Can we keep some tickets back to give at Tor Meet up?
  • Maggie:
    • Do we want to do a Relay Operator meetup?
      • Alison: We could but it's best to do it if Colin comes\
    • Have a drop-in space


  • Building community
    • User Personas
    • User Testing


  • Maggie: Privacy 101 and Online Harrassment session
    • Doxxing, etc...
  • Gus: How to become a Tor volunteer
    • Matt: Should probably be a self organised session...
  • Antonela: User Testing?
  • Antonela: Show and Tell: Browser improvements
  • Alison: Library Freedom Session
  • Emma Peel: GPG session?
  • Maggie: Raspberry Pi relay
  • Gus: Global South session
    • Make sure it's not just Latam focused
    • Make it more like a dialogue
  • OONI talks?


  • Sponsor 9: Find out organisations that are coming from countries that we are targeting.
  • What's our budget?
  • Can Tor sponsor a bar night?


  • Meet with organisers to discuss our plans

Next Steps

[ ] Matt: Keep us updated about proposals [ ] Alison: Start thinking about budget [ ] Everyone: Think about any swag we want to bring [ ] Pili: Share notes

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