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    1 -- helen's notes
     2How many people is a tor user
     3We are talking about the security slider. People down grade the security sometimes
     4We had a proposal. We want to remove the slider
     6We have technical users and users that don’t have a technical background. But being proactive about whats going on on your page is something we should do.
     7Usually the technical users think they know what they are  doing but they don’t.
     9We were discussing that right now if you go to a higher security setting, it disables a bunch of features including scripts, video, audio and you can label some of these with no script but thats pretty complicated
     11How do you know, if your on a website that they are going to use a video for example to attack you? As a user you can’t measure the threat model. You could argue that these an advantage in minimising the risk but I worry that this just gets very complicated.
     13Right now if its a 3rd party resource you can just decide to unblock, so this is a tracking problem
     15Am not sure if you are familiar with Firefox containers, where people create their own profiles and security settings so every tab they open, they can open in this or that profile.  They don’t need to customise it for every tab
     17You could potentially say you want to remember for a given 3rd party some different settings
     19Make a list of potentially risky sites more discoverable, the more that your going to make a user do, the harder its going to be so like the user docent have to any of the lifting, we are going to tell you whats right, what’s trustable and what’s not trustable. Say hey these are our guidelines and we recommend them as best practices
     21A style guide is perfect for finding a security mole
     23Accessibility needs to be evangelised so much from a design stand point. A lot of engineers don’t know about it. Any resources you can provide is helpful. The challenge is providing the right amount of content, not a book but like one page
     25In terms of interaction, sliders are ‘sexy’ but buttons are more usable
     27How can we allow the users to give instant feedback about if the sight is broken. We cannot expose users. We can find a way to allow users to give us feedback. Be proactive
     29How can we help you to test the UI?
     30We could help you set up a UX testing in Venezuela
     31Ok. We are conducting research in a safe way and we need to continue this.
     32We have a ticket. Please check..
     34You can use sites like user and you don’t have have to tell them what its for. The only issue is that the feedback will arrive more slowly
     35 Whats the primary use case of the circuit/ new identity.
     36We are trying to educate the user about their path or to show them why say the connection may not be successful
     37The Tor users love it. But for sure we can improve its UI
     38We used a true onion on the second tab to show what really happens on the website