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     1uplift project started in 2016
     3fpi is basically done (issues with redirects not solved); implementations used since tor browser 7
     5working on fingerprinting resistance since then
     7items to consider:
     8 * fonts (not solved within Firefox yet, partial solution shipping in Tor Browser)
     9 * letterboxing (concerns about good window resizing dimensions; possible resistance against not being able to use the full window)
     10 * pointer events (spoof everything to mouse on desktop; what to do with pointer id? what to do on the mobile side? probably using touch on android)
     11 * canvas (right now canvas prompt but it is annoying, so how to mitigate it? canvas software only rendering; but what about fonts for Firefox users?)
     12 * keyboard event (currently spoofing into US keyboard layout; keyboard layout per locale of the website?:; what about countries like Brazil where basically no one is using a pt-BR keyboard layout? Do we deal with potential breakage for users who surf frequently to websites in different locales and are interacting with them?)
     13 * breakage: os spoof (problem is that macOS functionality is broken on github/google docs; how to solve this? just hiding the platform on the network layer as Tor Browser does could be one solution)