Kat: Difficulties in onboarding volunteers 530PM, room A

roles of teams

experiences in other organizations

  • employee onboarding experiences... interns. where to start.

We're bad at it... how do we improve? designate someone from each team for month at a time.

  • potentially abusive, not just benefit TPO, but the volunteer: anonbib,

irc, mailing lists, absorb. then decide. you're not getting paid.

  • volunteering on www: invited only days, and public acts. Oct 3 meeting

public on volunteering. scaling problem with mentoring volunteers. status of each project

  • documentation writer=> determining what they should learn.
  • voluteering experience. list of what ppl can contribute. too general?

not feeling welcomed in tech, mentoring/reaching out. ambassadors by team.

  • individual engagement works, but not scalable. matter most/open source


  • method not a static list, knowing the avail resources

yes, method, but www site is main entryway. wayfinding.

  • old www, new one soon with community portal. using the tools we have

now. redo volunteer page, not exploiting volunteers. SP, br, volunteer work with credit

  • advisor role in ind studies with credit

allocating the actual work for an ind study

  • if CS studies know it's possible... ppl would appreciate
  • SP, br as pilot program
  • bug list, 'word of the day'... 'task of the day'

requires coordinator with volunteers

  • dedicated hire to coordinate... we have a volunteer.
  • are bugs categorized.
  • authoritarian to be telling volunteers


  • mailing list? here are some tasks to do...

requires someone from each team to contribute

  • as an engineer "how can i help" via various channels. list of topics,

widely varied. coordinating party to fixing a bug. on the www to list.

  • workflow: ask for a task from teams once a month for volunteers. as

with deb, which packages need help.

email contact, or trac tag

  • diff paths dev v local meetups. each team should consider and determine

updating the current www page. context of the teams, requesting, dump on the wiki pls

  • bar of entry.. process by team
  • volunteer page redirect to the wiki?

brief overview of teams and link to how to contribute

  • relay ops? phoul... Core TPO at academic conferences, arma 'mobbed' at

mcgill. taping CS departments. volunteering to coordinate.

  • academic focus, pressure to publish without social change. crypto

contributions v academics. publishing about anonymity systems.

  • academia. research, relays by students, etc.
  • non-tech relays and contributing to TPO on campus
  • determining the audience on campus, speakers 'transforming' students

discussing first steps listed...

  1. update volunteer page

@www ppl

  1. ask teams to contribute tasks to do


  1. summarize teams and categories

(email draft to internal@ about contributing)

losing volunteers by not having a next step

  • academia and industry unique connection via Tor
  • PETs as a venue for that. When speaking at campuses... mention PETs
  • money for stipends to get more ppl to PETs, sources for funding and

criteria for stipends

  • Goog Summer of Code. TPO not approved. Summer of Privacy as alternate.
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