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What is the Tor Meeting?

A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests in Mexico City, to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines, and other important matters.

Participant Guidelines: 2018MexicoCity/ParticipantGuidelines

Code of Conduct:

Week at a glance

  • September 29: team meeting day (anyone not on teams will arrive today), group dinner in the evening. (if you need to be present at this day, you will have received an invitation from one of the teams)
  • September 30: invite-only structured day
  • October 1: invite-only structured day
  • October 2: public day for open hacking with some special sessions to introduce new people to Tor
  • October 3: public day for open hacking with some special sessions to introduce new people to Tor

Detailed Daily Agenda



The event venue will be located in central Mexico City, just by the iconic Ángel de la Independencia.


Sheraton María Isabel (,

Midweek Party



Nearest airport is Mexico City international airport (MEX). You might find some budget flights from North America to the Toluca International Airport (TLC).

  • Taxi


  • Bus

Metrobús station "El Ángel" is just by the hotel. You can take Metrobús Line 7 (green, NorthEast-West) line just there, or walk some blocks over to Insurgentes and take Line 1 (red, North-South).

Metrobús costs MX$6 per two hours (that is, to change lines, you exit the system and present your card again in the corresponding station; it will not charge extra as long as not more than two hours have elapsed since you started your trip). Cards can be bought or recharged at any Metrobús station. Hours of operation vary slightly according to the line and sub-line (, but in general, 05:00-24:00 is a safe bet.

In Mexico City there are many, many, many more buses. It takes some expertise getting used to them, so we suggest sticking to Metrobús whenever possible.

  • Subway (metro)

Nearest Metro stations are Sevilla and Insurgentes, both on Line 1 (pink, East-West). Metro can work either with a rechargeable card or buying individual carton tickets; cost is MX$5 per trip.

Metro gives a very good coverage of Mexico City (, although only the A and B lines enter Mexico State (where half of the city population lives). It is a fast, safe and easy way to move around the city, although it can be unpleasantly crowded at peak hours. The Metro system operates 05:00-24:00 on weekdays, 06:00-24:00 on Saturday, and 07:00-24:00 on Sunday.

Taking Metro from the airport is kind of complicated; you may prefer to take a taxi or Uber.

The first car on most Metro trains is reserved for women and children only.

  • Uber



September and October in Mexico City are at the end of the rainy season. In this time of year, it is usually sunny and pleasant in the morning, with rains almost every day at the evening or night. Temperature is moderate (≈15-25°C).

Weather Forecast



If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table.

(Remember, only 2 October and 3 October are open to the public, all other days are invitation only.)

A note about name tags: Pronouns optional; Even if you think yours are obvious, please consider displaying them anyway to help us create a more welcoming environment, especially for those of us for whom strangers often assume incorrect pronouns. Also, we'll have plenty of blank name tags at the event, in case of changes or misprints.

Person Attending Arriving Departing Mark this column if you want a room in the hotel block Name for name tag Pronouns for name tag (optional) Special Dietary Needs
Roger Yes x Sep y Oct Yes Roger he/him
Kat Yes 27 Sept 5 Oct Yes kat she/her vegetarian
Ian Yes 27 Sept 5 Oct Yes Ian he no pork
ewyatt yes 28 Sep 3 Oct Yes Erin Wyatt she/her
catalyst yes 28? Sep 4? Oct Yes Taylor (catalyst) they/them
Alison yes 27 Sep 5 Oct yes Alison (flexlibris) she/her
Richard yes 25 Sept 4 Oct yes Richard (pospeselr) he/him
isabela yes 28 sept (maybe) 6 oct (maybe) yes isabela vegetarian
Antonela yes 27 sept 5 oct yes antonela she/her
sajolida yes 29 Sept 4 Oct No sajolida he/his vegetarian
Philipp Winter No
Lorenzo yes 29 Sept 4 Oct No Lorenzo he
Maria Yes 28th Sept 6th Oct Yes Maria (agrabeli) she/her
Aaron Johnson Yes 29 Sep 4 Oct No Aaron Johnson he
Shari Yes 28 Sept 4 Oct Yes Shari (ssteele) she/her
Griffin Yes 28 Sept 4 Oct Yes Griffin (saint) he/him bread-free options preferred
Rob Jansen Yes 29 Sep 4 Oct No Rob Jansen he vegan
Chelsea Komlo Yes 28 Sep 5 Oct Yes Chelsea (komlo) she vegetarian-ish
intrigeri Yes 28? Sep 5? Oct Yes intrigeri he
Nick M Yes 29 Sep, 5am 3 Oct, afternoon Yes Nick M he/him
Arlo No
emma peel Yes 28 Sept 6 Oct Yes emma peel she/her not much dairy. local & organic if possible
Jon Yes 26 Sept 5 Oct Yes Jon he/him
gwolf Yes Local Local No Gunnar Wolf (gwolf) he/him tasty!
teor Yes Sept Oct Yes teor they/them yes
Fabiola Yes 29 Sept 04 Oct Yes Fabby she/her none
Marco Ruano Yes Local Local No Marco Ruano he
Jacobo Nájera Yes Local Local No Jacobo Nájera he/him
boklm Yes ? ? Yes Nicolas (boklm) he/him
Hans-Christoph Steiner Yes 28 Sep 3 Oct Yes Hans (_hc) he/him vegetarian-ish
stefani Yes 28 Sep 4 Oct ?no? stefani she/her omni
Colin Yes 27 Sep 4 Oct yes Colin (Phoul) Childs He / Him none
Arturo Yes 28 Sep 6 Oct yes Arturo (hellais) He / Him none
Sukhbir Yes 28 Sep 4 Oct yes Sukhbir (sukhe) he/him none
Alon Braier Yes 27 Sept 5 Oct Yes Alon Braier he/him Vegetarian
Gus Yes 27 Sept 6 Oct Yes Gus he/him Vegetarian
Riastradh Yes 29 Sep 4 Oct Yes Taylor ‘Riastradh’ Campbell no seafood; vegetarian good, meat OK
Steph Yes ? ? Yes Steph (stephw) she/her no dairy/peanuts
ilv Yes 30 Sept Oct 6 Yes isra (ilv) he/him none
mo Yes 28 Sept Maybe Oct 19? Yes for 28-4 Moritz (gamambel) he/him none
Glenn Yes 29 Sept Oct 5 Yes Glenn he/him none
n8fr8 Yes 29 Sept Oct 3 Yes Nathan he/him none
David F. No
David Stainton Yes Sept 28? Oct 4? No David Stainton (dawuud) he/him none
Silvia [Hiro] Yes Sept 27 Oct 4 Yes Silvia [Hiro] Vegetarian/fish
Cybelle Yes ? ? no Cybelle she/her Vegetarian
Thyla V. Yes Sept 28 Oct 4 Yes Thyla she/her none
Justin Tracey Yes Sept 29 Oct 6 Yes Justin he/him no beef/pork
Sajin Yes Sept 29 Oct 6 Yes Sajin (sshsshy) he/him none
ignacio Yes Sept 29? Oct 6 No ignacio (osu) he/him vegetarian
NickCalyx Yes Sept 29 Oct 3 Yes Nick (Calyx) he/him none
samba Yes 29 Sep 5 Oct Yes samba vegetarian
juliana yes local No juliana no gluten
dkg Yes 29 Sep 6 Oct No dkg he/him/they vegan
Konark Modi Yes 27 Sep 4 Oct Yes kmodi he/him
Alex Catarineu Yes 27 Sep 4 Oct Yes Alex he/him
Jen Helsby (Freedom of Press) Yes 29 Sep 3 Oct No Jen (redshiftzero) she/her vegan
Camille Fassett (Freedom of Press) Yes 29 Sep 3 Oct No Camille she/her vegan
Sarath Yes 29 Sep 6 Oct No Sarath he/him
qbi No
Mark Smith yes 27 Sept 3 Oct yes Mark (mcs) he/him
Kathy Brade yes 27 Sept 3 Oct yes Kathy (brade) she/her
Julius M yes 27 Sept 3 Oct yes Julius hi/him
juga yes ? ? ? juga they/them not hot spicy
ahf yes 27 Sept 4 Oct Yes Alex (ahf) he/him
Georg yes 27 Sept 3 Oct yes Georg (GeKo) vegetarian
Arthur yes 27 Sept 1 Oct yes Arthur vegetarian
Parinishtha yes 29 Sept 5 Oct yes Pari she/her None
micah Yes 28 Sep 6 Oct yes micah he/him/they vegetarian
ln5 No


Here's where information about the group dinner goes. If you plan on attending the "meet and greet" dinner, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending
Roger yes
Kat yes
Ian yes
ewyatt yes
catalyst yes
Alison yes
Richard yes
isabela yes
antonela yes
sajolida yes
lorenzo yes
Maria yes
Aaron Johnson yes
Shari yes
Griffin yes
Rob Jansen yes
Chelsea Komlo yes
intrigeri yes
Nick M yes
emma peel yes
Jon yes
gwolf yes
teor yes
Fabiola Yes
Marco Ruano Yes
Jacobo Nájera Yes
boklm yes
Hans-Christoph Steiner yes
stefani yes
Colin yes
Arturo yes
Sukhbir yes
Alon Yes
Gus Yes
Riastradh yes
Steph yes
David S yes
Hiro Yes
Cybelle Yes
Thyla Yes
Justin Yes
Sajin Yes
ignacio Yes
NickCalyx Yes
samba Yes
juliana Yes
dkg Yes
redshiftzero Yes
Camille Yes
Sarath Yes
Mark Smith Yes
Kathy Brade Yes
Julius M Yes
juga yes
ahf yes
GeKo yes
Pari yes
micah Yes

Coordination mailing list

Subscribe to the tor-meeting mailing list to keep informed about plans.

Outcomes and Session ideas

Put your ideas for outcomes and sessions here:


Agenda for invitation-only days


Agenda for public days




Nearby (temporally and physically) conferences

Just after the Tor Meeting, on October 4-5, there will be an academic-oriented Colloquium on Mechanisms for Privacy and Anonymity On-line at Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Everybody is welcome to attend; contact Gunnar Wolf (gwolf@…, 0x673A03E4C1DB921F) if you would be interested in presenting a talk.

October 4th, 16:00 (place to be confirmed) Feminist meeting with women and non binary Tor community. Not restricted participation

Local Medical Resources

The hospital emergency number is: TBD

Pharmacy / Chemist



If you have health issues, it's probably best to go to the emergency room and ask to see a doctor.

Nearest Hospital to the hotel:




General practitioner:


Nearest Police Station:


Additional Accommodations Near Our Hotel

Name Address Link Notes
City Express Av. Paseo de la Reforma 334, Col. Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico. CP 06600
Marriott Hotel Paseo de la Reforma 276, Juárez, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Hotel del Angel Calle Río Lerma 154, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Room Mate Valentina Calle Amberes 27, Zona Rosa, 06600 – Mexico City Eclectic and Charming
EuroStars Hotel Londres 115, Mexico City Df, Mexico, 06600
Hotel Geneve Londres 130, Col. Juárez, México, D.F

Interesting local stuff

Name Address Notes
Mama Rumba Queretaro 230, Roma Norte Great place to dance and drink
Helado obscuro Orizaba 203, Roma Norte Ice cream with alcohol
Calle Regina Regina, Centro Pedestrian street in downtown with a lot of places to eat and drink.

Groceries / Supermarket

Name Address Notes
Superama Rio Sena 23, Cuauhtemoc Supermarket

Food and restaurants

Mexico City has some of the best food in the world! There are many excellent restaurants, but the street food alone is incomparable.

[add more info about street food]

Restaurant Name Address Type of restaurant Notes
La Burguesa Cozumel 67B, Roma Norte Gourmet burgers
Pizza del perro negro Parque España 3, Roma Norte Pizzas
Cancino Cibeles Plaza Villa Madrid 13, Roma Norte Pizzas
Salon Rios Rio Lerma 218, Cuauhtemoc Different type of food and drinks
Churreria El Moro Rio Lerma 167, Cuauhtemoc Churros with sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. coffee, desserts, etc

Craft Beer


Tequila, mezcal y pulque

Name Address Type
Pulqueria los insurgentes Insurgentes sur 226, Roma Norte All types and flavors of pulque

Sightseeing in Mexico City

[need to add more and edit]

Attraction Cost Open Hours Link Notes
Lucha Libre 140.00-600.00 The most amusing thing to do in Mexico
Chapultepec Park free9am-5pm There are many museums inside the park. Chapultepec in nahuatl means Grasshopper Hill
Chapultepec Castle 70.00Tue-Sun 9am-5pm
Museo Nacional de Antropología 70.00Tue-Sun 9am-5pm
Museo Tamayo 65.00Tue-Sun 10am-6pm
Frida Kahlo Museum 200.00 Tue 10am-5:30pm Wed 11am-5:30pm Thu-Sun 10am-5:30pm The museum is always crowded
Xochimilco +- 500.00 per hour Trajinera (Boat) ride through the canals of the "Mexican Venice". This is the original habitat of axolotls. Also there is the spooky Isla de las Muñecas
Museo Casa de Léon Trotsky 40.00 Tue-Sun 10am-5pm
Mercado de Artesanias La Cidadela free Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sun 10am-6pm Good place to buy mexican crafts and gifts with all range of prices
Museo Memoria y Tolerancia 80.00Tue - Fri 9am-6pm Sat-Sun 10am-7pm museum about internationational tolerance
Reforma Av closed for bicycle ride, walk, run, skate Free Sun 8am-2pm
Parque Bicentenario Free Tue-Sun 7am-6pm Huge park with greenhouses, run track, lake, traditional 'chinampas', basketball and volleyball courts, football field, skate park, picnic area, etc.
Biblioteca Vasconcelos Free daily 8:30am-7:30pm Gorgeous and huge library
Ciudad Universitaria Free always open This university campus has a lot of green areas, a main library with historic murals and the olympic stadium.
Cineteca Nacional Admission:50 Movies:30-80 artistic and cultural movies

Day trips

[need to add more and edit]

Attraction Cost Open Hours Link Notes
Teotihuacan 70.009am-5pm the best place to eat, better bring snacks and bottle of water
Grutas de Tolantongo 140.007am-8pm days trip
Taxco 2 days trip - considered the capital of silver in the world

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