LTS discussion

We discuss if the current two stable releases per year is what we want or if we want something faster/slower?

David argues that it keeps us from getting too many features into each release and the 1 month stabilization period is useful.

Nobody suggested different release schedules.

Does people actually get our new stables? Via TorBrowser? Via Debian? Via our own Debian package mirror?

The frozen scope could include:

  • Bug fixing.
  • Add tests.

One "problem" right now with the 0.3.4 bug fixing period is that we do not know of a lot of 0.3.4 bugs. Getting the alpha's into Tor Browser for testing purposes is important.

Would we have found more bugs in 0.3.4.x if we had released alpha's earlier? Nick mentions that he doesn't have time now and that the website currently doesn't support it.

Isis mentions that we have experimented with having other people doing releases for alpha releases in the past and that went well.

Roger mentions that one of the things that are not well-formalized is how to highlight work from a given release. How do we make sure the communication teams and other teams are aware of these?

Action Items

  • We hope for 0.3.6 is the next LTS.
  • Try to get into Debian sid. It sounds like it's in experimental right now. See #26297
  • Should we consider having release "managers" for each release (that might not be Nick!). Nick should find an 0.3.4.x person for this - let's find out after at the next Monday network team meeting.
  • Look into being able to download more than a stable and an unstable from the download page - maybe ask Hiro? See #26298
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